Best movie plot holes of 1958

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof picture

Plot hole: How Brick is still standing (all be it on one leg!) during what appears to be a 12 hour period, after consuming the best part of two bottles of bourbon, coming through a personal crisis and self awareness, followed by instant maturation, then ending the night between the sheets with his wife is truly amazing in the least.

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Run Silent Run Deep picture

Plot hole: As the destroyer homes in on the Nerka, the sonar operator gives a running commentary of its actions. His last message is that he hears splashes of depth charges. As close as they exploded, he wouldn't be hearing anything else, because he kept the headphones on.

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Home Before Dark picture

Plot hole: Jean Simmons is supposed to actually be correct about her husband being in love with his sister in law, and not insane. When she enters the nightclub acting weird, in a dress too large for her and hanging off her, exposing her brassiere, she is completely out of character. She is not drugged at this point, as she stopped drinking the paraldehyde before this.

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