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Old Yeller picture

Arliss Coates: Why did you shoot Rosemary?
Travis Coates: She was sick.
Arliss Coates: Well, you were sick. How come we didn't shoot you?
Travis Coates: Well, that's some different.

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The Enemy Below picture

Captain Murrell: I have no idea what he is, what he thinks. I don't want to know the man I'm... trying to destroy.

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Funny Face picture

Dick Avery: When I get through with you, you'll look like... What do you call beautiful? A tree. You'll look like a tree.

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Desk Set picture

Mr. Azae: You don't care whether you impress people or not, do you?
Richard Sumner: You wait until you get my bill. You'll be impressed.

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Witness for the Prosecution picture

Sir Wilfrid: Kings, prime ministers, archbishops, even barristers have stood in the dock.

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12 Angry Men picture

Juror #5: Boy oh boy, it's really hot, huh? Pardon me, but don't you ever sweat?
Juror #4: No, I don't.

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Throne of Blood picture

Taketori Washizu: I am terribly drunk.

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What's Opera, Doc? picture

Bugs: O mighty warrior of great fighting stock / Might I inquire to ask, ehh, what's up Doc?

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Kronos picture

Dr. Leslie Gaskell: Do you think you'll be able to respect a husband that probably pulled the scientific boner of all time?

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A King in New York picture

Lawyer: Your Majesty, first and foremost, you must stand on your rights and demand immunity on the ground of your Royal Prerogative.
King Shahdov: Immunity from what?
Lawyer: That I don't know, but I intend to find out. But if they put the 64 dollars question to you, as if you are, or ever have been a communist, then again you must stand on your Royal Prerogative.
King Shahdov: But that question is absurd.
Lawyer: There are many things absurd these days.

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Untamed Youth picture

Lillibeth: Don't hit me in the mouth again, you'll break my dental plate.

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The Undead picture

Smolkin, the Gravedigger: Hickory dickory dorse / My guest is dead, of course / The clock struck two / He's turning blue / With little or no remorse.

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Show Biz Bugs picture

Stage Manager: But Daffy, we bill according to drawing power.
Daffy Duck: Oh, yeah? That rabbit couldn't draw flies if he was covered with syrup. Okay, this performance will prove I'm a star.

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The Bridge on the River Kwai picture

Colonel Nicholson: We can teach these barbarians a lesson in Western methods and efficiency that will put them to shame. We'll show them what the British soldier is capable of doing.

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The Amazing Colossal Man picture

Manning: I just don't want to grow anymore. I don't want to grow anymore.

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3:10 To Yuma picture

Ben Wade: I mean, I don't go around just shootin' people down... I work quiet, like you.
Dan Evans: All right, so you're quiet like me. Well then, shut up like me.

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