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Trivia: At the end of the cartoon, traditional Bavarian music is played over the "That's All Folks!" title card instead of the normal closing theme.

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What's Opera, Doc? picture

Trivia: When Elmer Fudd shouts "Smog!" whilst summoning the various forces of nature, he is voiced by Mel Blanc, not Arthur Q. Bryan. Blanc was chosen to do this line as his scream was considered to be better than Bryan's.

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Three Little Bops picture

Trivia: There is no "That's all, Folks!" title card after the fade out. Just "The End" with white letters on a black background.

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Boston Quackie picture

Trivia: The "Instant Girl" jar that Daffy Duck picks up towards the end of the cartoon credits the "Pierce Packing Co." This is a reference to Tedd Pierce, the writer of this cartoon.

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Cheese It, the Cat! picture

Trivia: When Ned is launching Ralph on the bottle of champagne, the label on the bottle says "Selzer's Champagne Extra Dry" - a reference to the Warner Brothers producer Eddie Selzer.

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