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Written on the Wind picture

Jasper Hadley: Welcome to Hadley. The town and the family.

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The Great Locomotive Chase picture

William Campbell: What do we tell the Johnny Rebs when they ask who we are and where we're from?
James J. Andrews: Tell them you're Kentuckians escaping the rule of the Yankees to join a Southern Regiment. If they press you closely, tell 'em you hail from Fleming County, Kentucky. I'm from Flemingsburg myself. No man from that county has ever joined the Southern army... As for you, Mr. Buffum, it might be wiser if you didn't speak at all. I never met a Kentuckian so plainly from Massachusetts.

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The Searchers picture

Martin: I hope you die.
Ethan: That'll be the day.

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Autumn Leaves picture

Liz Eckhart: Nobody can help you now.
Milly: Why can't they? When do I get my turn? Everybody needs help don't they? I need help too. Maybe I don't want to find out how he feels.
Liz Eckhart: Being in love is never easy, and the more in love you are, the less easy and more lonesome it gets.

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The Fastest Gun Alive picture

Sheriff Bill Toledo: This fella George Kelby musta been pretty fast.
Harvey Maxwell: He was the fastest man alive.
Sheriff Bill Toledo: Then how come he's dead?
Harvey Maxwell: He wanted it that way.

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It Conquered the World picture

Claire Anderson: He speaks! The zombie speaks.

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers picture

Dr. Miles J. Bennell: Drugs dull the mind - maybe that's the reason.

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The Wrong Man picture

Lt. Bowers: How do you explain it?
Christopher Emmanuel 'Manny' Balestrero: I made a mistake.
Lt. Bowers: And so did the hold up man. And it happens to be the same mistake.

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The Harder They Fall picture

Eddie Willis: I didn't come here to work out.

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Alexander the Great picture

Alexander: It is men who endure toil and dare dangers that achieve glorious deeds. And it is a lovely thing to live with courage and to die leaving behind an everlasting renown.

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Carousel picture

Mister Snow: You'd think a woman with nine children would have more sense.
Carrie Pipperidge: If I had more sense I wouldn't have had nine children.

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Lost picture

Ice Cream Seller in the Park: What are you trying to do, get off with me?
Det. Insp. Craig: I'm a police officer.
Ice Cream Seller in the Park: That's no guarantee of good behaviour.

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Around the World in 80 Days picture

Sir Francis Gromarty: One thousand pounds for an elephant? It's outrageous! You've been diddled.
Phileas Fogg: Undoubtedly. But it's not often one needs an elephant in a hurry.

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The Mountain picture

Father Belacchi: They're getting up a rescue party to climb the mountain.
Zachary Teller: Why, if everybody's dead?

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The Creature Walks Among Us picture

Dr. Thomas Morgan: ... because we all stand between the jungle and the stars, at a crossroads. I think we better decide what brings out the best in humankind, and what brings out the worst, because it's the stars or the jungle.

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Somebody Up There Likes Me picture

Rocky: Don't worry 'bout a thing.

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