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Lady and the Tramp picture

Trivia: Peggy Lee (famous for the song Fever) not only wrote most of the songs in the film, but also voiced the characters Peg the dog, Darling and the two siamese cats.

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The Dam Busters picture

Trivia: A (corrected) entry states that a USAAF B-17 'Flying Fortress' bomber is visible in the film. In fact in some prints produced for release in the US irrelevant stock footage of a B17 was randomly cut into the film to make it more acceptable to American audiences. This was a deliberate alteration of the film done very much against the wishes of the producer and director, and it explains the 'error' - the contributor has seen one of the non-canon US prints.

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East of Eden picture

Trivia: During the "punishment" bible reading scene, while James Dean was reading out loud, he was swearing under his breath. This was to evoke anger from the actor who played his father - he was a devout Christian.

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Rebel Without a Cause picture

Trivia: At the very end of the film the camera is zooming out with the observatory in the middle of the screen. Right before the credits begin, a man in a brown suit carrying a briefcase walks up to the observatory. This man is Nicholas Ray, the director of Rebel Without A Cause.

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Marty picture

Trivia: Writer Paddy Chayefsky has a cameo as "Leo", who appears in the back of the car when Marty is approached by his friends.


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Oklahoma picture

Trivia: The title song from this musical is also the official state song of the state of Oklahoma.

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The Trouble with Harry picture

Trivia: Alfred Hitchcock has a cameo role 20 minutes into this film - he is seen walking past the limousine of a man who is looking at the paintings at an artist's stall.

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The Court Jester picture

Trivia: For the rest of his life, according to his daughter Dena, if someone recognized Danny Kaye in public, they would approach him and recite the film's "pellet with the poison" rhyme.

Cubs Fan

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To Catch a Thief picture

Trivia: Hitchcock's cameo occurs about 10 minutes into this film - he is seen sitting next to Cary Grant on a bus.

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Heir-Conditioned picture

Trivia: When Sylvester growls at the portrait of his mistress at the end of the cartoon, look at the bottom left-hand corner of the picture and you can see the artist's name is "Irv Wyner." Irv Wyner was the background artist for this cartoon.

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Roman Legion-Hare picture

Trivia: This was the first time in which director Isadore Freleng was credited as "Friz" Freleng in a Warner Brothers cartoon.

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Pecos Pest picture

Trivia: "Pecos Pest" was the final Tom and Jerry cartoon produced by Fred Quimby before he went into retirement. From the next short, "That's My Mommy", until "Tot Watchers", all subsequent Tom and Jerry cartoons at MGM were produced and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

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Ready.. Set.. Zoom! picture

Trivia: The mine that the Coyote comes out on his rocket has a sign outside saying "Selzer Mining Co" - a reference to the Warner Brothers producer Eddie Selzer.

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The Hole Idea picture

Trivia: When we see the start of the newsflash at the theatre, the opening title has "Selzer" as the cameraman and the narrator is "Moray." "Selzer" is a reference to the Warner Brothers producer Eddie Selzer, whereas "Moray" is a reference to Norman Moray, the key executive with the Vitaphone Corporation, Warner Brothers' short subject division.

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Mister Roberts picture

Trivia: Thomas Heggen wrote the novel "Mister Roberts" based on his wartime experiences on two Navy cargo ships, U.S.S. Virgo (AKA-20) and U.S.S. Rotanin (AK-108). The Virgo was an attack cargo ship, designed for use in amphibious assaults, and saw quite a bit of action. In the movie, U.S.S. Hewell (AKL-14) was used as the fictional Reluctant. The Hewell was a light cargo ship, designed for coastal operations. A basic comparison of the three ships follows: Hewell/Reluctant: 176 feet long, 500 tons, 26 crew (not 62, as stated in the movie.) Rotanin: 441 feet long, 4000 tons, 206 crew Virgo: 460 feet long, 6500 tons, 404 crew.


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Knight-Mare Hare picture

Trivia: The book that Bugs is reading at the start of the cartoon is authored by "Burton" - a reference the Warner Brothers production manager, John Burton.

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