Best animated movie trivia of 1954

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Pet Peeve picture

Trivia: This was the first Tom and Jerry cartoon to be released in CinemaScope, as well as the first not to have Mammy Two-Shoes as the owner of the house.

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No Barking picture

Trivia: When Claude Cat flies up above the elevated train tracks, there is a sign in the background saying "Don Foster for Mayor." Foster was an artist who designed many of the lobby cards for Warner Brothers.

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By Word of Mouse picture

Trivia: When Hans arrives in America, he gives his cousin Willie some cheese. Hans then looks around and sees some traffic coming past. The traffic includes a pink lorry saying "Foster's Eggs" and a yellow lorry saying "Fritz Transfer Co." - a reference to the writer Warren Foster and director Friz Freleng, respectively.

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Trivia: Behind the Goon's pitcher you can see an ad for "Harris Used Cars" - a reference to the Warner Brothers animator Ken Harris.

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