Best animated movie continuity mistakes of 1953

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Peter Pan picturePeter Pan mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the duel at Skull Rock, after Peter leads Captain Hook onto thin air, Hook drops his sword and scrambles to grab hold of the cliff again. But when we see Hook's reaction to the approaching crocodile, you can see his sword back in its sheath. (00:51:50)

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Cat-Tails for Two picture

Continuity mistake: When Speedy rushes out to take all the cheese in the trap that George and Benny have put out for him he is seen wearing a sombrero; however, for the rest of cartoon he is hatless, repeat, hatless.

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Forward March Hare picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs is standing in front of the General's desk, the General has nothing in his left hand but in the next shot he is now holding a pencil.

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Continuity mistake: When Foghorn Leghorn lifts the wired fence with his foot to let one of the chicks out, you can see there some chicks by his foot when he lowers the fence down, but in the next shot the chicks have disappeared.

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Ant Pasted picture

Continuity mistake: When the ants go and pick up a box of firecrackers next to Elmer Fudd's tent, the firecrackers in the box are different to those seen in the previous shot.

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Much Ado About Nutting picture

Continuity mistake: When the squirrel attempts to cut the coconut with the saw, the saw's teeth break off and fall around the coconut. But when the squirrel returns with an axe, the pieces of teeth have changed position.

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Don't Give Up the Sheep picture

Continuity mistake: When Fred (Ralph Wolf in disguise) says "Hello" to Sam at the end of the short, you can see that there is a card in both the top and bottom holes in the "In" section of the punch clock. But when Sam begins spanking Ralph, the bottom card of the "In" section has moved to the bottom hole of the "Out" section.

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Hare Trimmed picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the cartoon, we see Yosemite Sam reading a newspaper on the window at the Center News. When Bugs Bunny appears and looks at the paper with Sam, we see a close-up and it is completely different.

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Wild Over You picture

Continuity mistake: When we see the park where the wild cat is hiding, there is a sign saying "No Le Pate de Fois Grass", but when we see the sign in the next shot, the "Le" has disappeared.

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Duck Amuck picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs Bunny closes the door on Daffy Duck at the end of the cartoon, Bugs is holding his pencil upside down, but in the next shot he is now holding it the right way up.

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Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century picture

Continuity mistake: When Duck Dodgers claims Planet X with his flag, you can see there is nothing next to him, but when Marvin the Martian comes along and makes his claim, an "X" tree has suddenly appeared.

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Continuity mistake: When the elephant walks up to the bowl of clothes pegs, the number of pegs in the bowl changes between shots.

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Life with Tom picture

Continuity mistake: When Tom removes the packaging, you can see that it reads "Life with Tom by Jerry Mouse" on the front cover, but when we see Tom reading the book later on in the cartoon, the wording has disappeared.

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Bully for Bugs picture

Continuity mistake: When Toro is steaming up Bugs Bunny's tail, you can see that Bugs' right hand is pointing on the map, but in the next shot his right hand is now holding the map.

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Working for Peanuts picture

Continuity mistake: When Delores gives Chip and Dale a small swimming pool to try, Dale runs up to the diving board and you can see there is nothing behind him near the straw, but in the next shot peanuts have appeared.

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Robot Rabbit picture

Continuity mistake: When Elmer has finished making the robot, you can see there is nothing by the slot in which Elmer feeds pictures. But when the robot goes to the donkey, a dial appears where it remains for the rest of the short.

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The Simple Things picture

Continuity mistake: When Pluto sees the seagull in the bait bucket, he drops Mickey's hat which he is holding in his mouth. When Pluto growls at the seagull, Mickey's hat is nowhere to be seen.

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