Best animated movie continuity mistakes of 1952

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Continuity mistake: When Sam points his gun at Bugs at Fort Knox, he says "But I can't take any chances!" and throws away the gun. In the next shot, the gun is back in his hand again.

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Magical Maestro picture

Continuity mistake: When Poochini is rehearsing, Mysto the Magician knocks on the door of his dressing room. At this point, you can see that the handle is on the left hand side of the door, but when Poochini opens the door, he opens it from the right hand side.

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Continuity mistake: When we first see Bugs' home at the beginning of the short, there are four carrot ends around the hole. When the oil tycoon and Maverick approach Bugs' home later on, there are now only two carrot ends.

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Rabbit Seasoning picture

Continuity mistake: When Daffy Duck is printing fake rabbit tracks at the beginning of the cartoon, he puts two tracks next to Bugs Bunny's hole. But when Elmer Fudd arrives at the hole, the two tracks have disappeared.

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Smitten Kitten picture

Continuity mistake: When the green devil recalls the time Tom serenaded another girl with his big bull fiddle, his whiskers disappear for a moment.

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Triplet Trouble picture

Continuity mistake: When the orange kitten and the brown kitten attend to Tom after they knocked him out by hitting his head on the ceiling, the eyebrow over the orange kitten's right eye disappears for a few seconds.

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Rock-a-Bye Bear picture

Continuity mistake: When the little dog throws items from the cabinet down to Spike, Spike catches two trays of glasses, a yellow vase with his right foot and a pink teapot with his left foot. But when Spike goes out of the house after a pepper pot lands on his nose, the vase and teapot have changed positions.

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Continuity mistake: When the bandit takes Droopy's wallet, he empties the contents and finds a photo of Droopy's girl. At this point, you can see the bandit is holding the photo with two hands, but when we see a close-up of the photo in the next shot, he is holding it with only his right hand.

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Fit to Be Tied picture

Continuity mistake: When Jerry is removing the nail from Spike's foot with a hammer, the distance of the wall behind Spike changes between shots.

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Operation: Rabbit picture

Continuity mistake: In a close-up of Wile E Coyote's card, the card has "Wile E Coyote Genius" written on it, although in the previous shot the card was completely blank.

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Beep, Beep picture

Continuity mistake: When the Coyote is pursuing the Road Runner at the start of the cartoon, he is holding a fork in his left hand and a knife in his right. But when we see the Coyote a few seconds later, he is now holding the knife in his left and the fork in his right.

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Foxy by Proxy picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs is eating his carrot and the large hunting dog starts sniffing on the ground, there is nothing in the background. But in a close-up of Bugs in the next shot, trees have appeared.

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Cruise Cat picture

Continuity mistake: When the captain lifts the lid and finds that Jerry has been eating his pancakes, you can see there is a knife behind the plate, but when we see a close-up of Jerry in the next shot, the knife has disappeared.

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Pluto's Party picture

Continuity mistake: When Mickey starts scrubbing Pluto in the bath tub, there is initially nothing in the tub, but in the next shot bubbles have suddenly appeared.

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Ain't She Tweet picture

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester is looking at Tweety in his cage in the pet shop window at the beginning of the cartoon, you can see Sylvester is resting his arms on the window sill. In the next shot, he now has his left hand under his chin.

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Going! Going! Gosh! picture

Continuity mistake: When the Coyote emerges from the manhole with a hand grenade, you can see behind him there is a signpost. When we see the Road Runner passing through the road fast enough to drop a boulder on the cover, the signpost has gone, yet it re-appears in the next shot.

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Feed the Kitty picture

Continuity mistake: When Marc Anthony's owner lets him in after feeling she had disciplined him long enough, she gives him a cat-shaped cookie. However, none of the cookies seen before going into the oven were cat-shaped.

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Hare Lift picture

Continuity mistake: When Sam confronts Bugs underneath the box with the cord, you can see that there is nothing above the words "Pull", but in the next shot the words "Bomb Release" suddenly appear.

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Continuity mistake: When Daffy Duck is on the windowsill at Porky Pig's house, the windows are initially misted, but in the next shot they are now perfectly clear.

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Little Runaway picture

Continuity mistake: When Tom (dressed as a seal) performs "Yankee Doodle" on the horns at the circus at the end of the cartoon, the background behind him changes between shots.

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