Best animated movie trivia of 1951

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Alice in Wonderland picture

Trivia: This film has more songs and speaking characters than any other Disney film.

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Canned Feud picture

Trivia: When Sylvester opens the letter box, he sees a milk bottle with a note in it. The note is signed by "Mrs. Champin" - a reference to the Looney Tunes animator Ken Champin.

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Ballot Box Bunny picture

Trivia: When we see the parade for the newly elected mayor, look in the background and you can see a building with "P. Julian" on it - a reference to the Warner Brothers background artist Paul Julian.

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Chow Hound picture

Trivia: When Butch is looking at the "Lost and Found" ads in the newspaper, some of the ads have names of Warner Brothers staff: "Vaughan" (Lloyd Vaughan), "K. Harris" (Ken Harris) and "C.M. Jones" (Chuck Jones).

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Tweety's S.O.S. picture

Trivia: When Sylvester is looking in the ship's medicine cabinet, there is a bottle on the shelf called "Hawley and Pratt Salts" - a reference to the Looney Tunes layout artist, Hawley Pratt.

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Putty Tat Trouble picture

Trivia: When Sylvester hits the orange cat on the head with a mallet, look in the background and you can see a box with text printed on it advertising "Friz - America's Favorite Gelatin Dessert" - a reference to the director Friz Freleng.

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Cold Turkey picture

Trivia: When the cat falls down the waste bin, a high-pitched "Goofy Holler" can be heard.

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