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Cheaper by the Dozen picture

Trivia: All twelve children were never alive at one time. Mary, along with some of her siblings, came down with diphtheria, in 1912. While the others recovered, Mary died on January 31st. The family continued to refer to the Dozen, even though all twelve were never contemporaries. The book refers to them as a dozen, and the movie & stage play portrays all 12 at a time.

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Cinderella picture

Trivia: When the animators where drawing Lucifer the cat they just couldn't get it right. Then when Walt Disney saw the animator Ward Kimball's cat, a furry calico, he declared "There's your Lucifer."

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Rabbit of Seville picture

Trivia: Bugs' line of "Eh, next!" at the very end of the cartoon is the only spoken line of dialogue. The rest of both his and Elmer Fudd's lines are all sung.

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All a Bir-r-r-rd picture

Trivia: When we see the train during the opening credits, look at the carriages and you can see they have names of Warner Brothers staff on them: "Frizby" (Friz Freleng), "Hawley" (Hawley Pratt), "Ross" (Virgil Ross) and "Champin" (Ken Champin).

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The Flying Saucer picture

Trivia: This low-budget suspense/adventure was produced during the early Cold War and the flying saucer craze of the late 1940s and early 1950s, and it's often hailed as the first UFO-themed feature film. But, except for a crude saucer prop and a couple of cheesy, split-second visual effects, this movie is primarily a Cold War espionage story with Russian spies attempting to steal American weapons technology. The filmmakers' original intent was to include actual government-authorized flying saucer footage; accordingly, the film's prologue reads "We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of those in authority who made the release of 'The Flying Saucer' film possible at this time." However, the filmmakers apparently never obtained any flying saucer footage (government-authorized or otherwise), and no such footage appears in the movie.

Charles Austin Miller
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All About Eve picture

Trivia: Bette Davis filmed all of her scenes in sixteen days.

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The Scarlet Pumpernickel picture

Trivia: Mel Blanc, not Arthur Q. Bryan, voices Elmer Fudd's brief appearance.

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Saturday Evening Puss picture

Trivia: When Jerry phones the club and informs Mammy Two-Shoes about the party, she runs back home. You can see Mammy Two-Shoes' face for about two frames as she runs back to the house.

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An Egg Scramble picture

Trivia: When Prissy arrives at the grocery store to see if her egg has been delivered there, there is "Foster's Fresh Eggs" on the window - a reference to the Warner Brothers story writer Warren Foster.

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Canary Row picture

Trivia: After Sylvester has swallowed the bowling ball, he goes back down the drainpipe and out into the street. When this happens, look behind him and you can see a sign saying "Drink Friz! Six Delicious Flavors" - a reference to the director Friz Freleng. There is also a building with "Champin's 5 and 10" on it - a reference to the animator Ken Champin.

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