Best movie factual errors of 1950

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Destination Moon picture

Factual error: Between Earth and the Moon the crew of the spacecraft have an EVA in which they walk on the ship's metal hull with magnetic boots. At one point an astronaut inadvertently slips both boots off the hull and drifts off into space, helpless. There is a long shot of him drifting away in which his body spontaneously spins around 180 degrees and then stops rotating, which is all a violation of conserved angular momentum.

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Sunset Blvd. picture

Factual error: At the end of the movie, Joe Gillis is shot twice in the back and once in the chest before falling dead into a swimming pool. However, no blood from the wounds is ever seen in the pool, even after his body has been floating in it overnight.

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Rio Grande picture

Factual error: The cavalry sing Low Bridge (or Fifteen Years On The Erie Canal) as they trek across Texas in 1879. This was written by Thomas S. Allen in 1905 during the time the Erie canal was switched from mule power to engine power. (00:49:00)

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Colt .45 picture

Factual error: This Warner film concerns a pair of post-Mexican War, new-style percussion revolvers stolen from a travelling arms dealer and used in a crime spree. The criminal was unbeatable because of the overwhelming firepower of the guns compared to the single-shot handguns used by everyone else in the film. The title guns used throughout the film were a pair of Colt Dragoon revolvers, in caliber .44. Colt didn't manufacture a .45 revolver until the metallic cartridge era, in 1873.

Mark Schroeder
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Winchester '73 picture

Factual error: Waco Johnny Dean played by Dan Duryea grabs a pistol from a bystander and then gets shot multiple times by Jimmy Stewart. As Waco goes down he fires several rapid fire shots from a double action revolver. Not likely given the time period some time after the civil war.

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The Wooden Horse picture

Factual error: When the two escapees from the POW camp are in the anchor room of the ship they are on, they leave the harbour and the pilot boat leaves them, but then the chain for the anchor goes out, but they are moving away from the port, why on earth would they be dropping the anchor? If anything they would make sure that all the chain is in the anchor room and the anchor would be on deck.

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Texas Tom picture

Factual error: When Tom is singing "If You're Ever Down In Texas" to the cowgirl, Jerry winds the crank on the Victrola counter clockwise.

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