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Kind Hearts and Coronets picture

Louis Mazzini: How happy could I be with either, were t'other dear charmer away.

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Stray Dog picture

Police Inspector Nakajima: Bad luck either makes a man or destroys him. Are you gonna let it destroy you? Depending how you take it, bad luck can be a big break.

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The Stratton Story picture

Monty Stratton: Honey, do you know there's a tailor in Chicago that gives a suit of clothes away to any ballplayer that hits the scoreboard in center field? As of yesterday the New York Yankees are the best dressed team in baseball.

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Sands of Iwo Jima picture

Sgt. Stryker: You gotta learn right and you gotta learn fast. And any man that doesn't want to cooperate, I'll make him wish he had never been born.

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On the Town picture

Claire Huddesen: You oughta feel proud that three sailors from the United States Navy got off the ship for one day, and what did they do? Were they thirsty for hard liquor? No. They were thirsty for culture. Were they running after girls? No. They came running to the museum to see your dinosaur. For months out at sea they were dreaming about your dinosaur.

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Any Number Can Play picture

Charley Enley Kyng: Too much tension... it's always coming to bat with the bases loaded.

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The Third Man picture

Harry Lime: What did you want me to do? Be reasonable. You didn't expect me to give myself up... 'It's a far, far better thing that I do.' The old limelight. The fall of the curtain. Oh, Holly, you and I aren't heroes. The world doesn't make any heroes outside of your stories.

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Samson and Delilah picture

Samson: Your arms were quicksand. Your kiss was death. The name Delilah will be an everlasting curse on the lips of men.

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All the King's Men picture

Willie Stark: Do you know what good comes out of?
Adam Stanton: You tell me, Mr. Stark.
Willie Stark: Out of bad, that's what good comes out of. Because you can't make it out of anything else. You didn't know that, did you?

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Neptune's Daughter picture

José O'Rourke: Hasta la vista! In your language, that means adios, amigo.

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Love Happy picture

Detective Sam Grunion, narrator of the story: Come in. Is there anything I can do for you? What a ridiculous statement.
Grunion's Client: Mr. Grunion. I want you to help me.
Detective Sam Grunion, narrator of the story: I have a little sand left. What seems to be the trouble?
Grunion's Client: Some men are following me.
Detective Sam Grunion, narrator of the story: Really? I can't understand why.

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Daffy Duck Hunt picture

Daffy Duck: Why the copious flow of lachrymal fluid, my garrulous canine?

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I Shot Jesse James picture

Harry Kane: What'll you do if he does strike it rich?
Cynthy Waters: I don't know.
Harry Kane: I don't remember if it was Shakespeare or Aristotle, but one of them once said, "No one loves the man who he fears."

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Long-Haired Hare picture

Bugs: Of course you know, this means WAR.

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White Heat picture

Ma Jarrett: I told you, Cody hasn't been in California for months.
Philip Evans: I suppose he shot me all the way from another state.
Ma Jarrett: What makes you think he shot you? Lots of people have guns.
Philip Evans: I was as close to him as I am to you.
Ma Jarrett: Anybody else see him?
Philip Evans: Just you. And his wife.
Ma Jarrett: Of course, being an old woman, I wouldn't know much about the law, but I hear you got to have witnesses to make anything stand up in court.

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Whisky Galore picture

Narrator: To the west, there is nothing. Except America.

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Little Women picture

Amy: How was I dressed when we had all that money?
Jo March: In diapers.

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The Secret Garden picture

Colin Craven: You don't even care how I won't live to grow up.
Mary Lennox: Stop it. You'll live as long as I will. You just say that to make people feel sorry for you and do what you say.
Colin Craven: Don't you dare say that! Don't you dare say how I won't die.
Mary Lennox: Why, you're proud of it. It makes you feel important.

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Holiday Affair picture

Connie Ennis: If you wish for things you can get, you're gonna be happy. If you wish for real big things, all you're gonna get is real big disappointments.

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