Best comedy movie mistakes of 1949

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Adam's Rib picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the acrobatic witness lifts Adam in the air, you can see the wires that really lifted him up.

Jack's Revenge
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Love Happy picture

Continuity mistake: When Harpo is playing Russian Roulette, one of the villains claims that the gun has "four bullets" in it. One shot is fired at Harpo, and four by him, totaling five shots.

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Kind Hearts and Coronets picture

Visible crew/equipment: A wire is visible, attached to Lady Agatha d'Ascoyne's hot air balloon, as it sails across the screen. (00:55:10)

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Hare Do picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs is at the theatre, you can see he a man sitting next to him when he finds his binoculars, but when Bugs sees Elmer in front of him, we cut back to Bugs and the man next to him has disappeared.

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Senor Droopy picture

Continuity mistake: When the announcer tells Droopy and the wolf about the prize they can have if they win the bullfight, there is a red wall behind the announcer that keeps disappearing and re-appearing between shots.

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High Diving Hare picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs spins the diving board around after he has put on his bathing suit, you can see the handles of the ladder in front of him when he dives off, but when we see Bugs pretending to take the dive, the handles have disappeared.

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The Windblown Hare picture

Continuity mistake: When the three pigs are reading a book at the beginning of the cartoon, the front cover has "Children's Stories" on the red rectangle, but in the next shot the words have disappeared.

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Curtain Razor picture

Continuity mistake: When the grasshopper is performing his audition at the start of the cartoon, you can see there is nothing by the door, but when the door opens and the grasshopper appears, a spittoon and a cigarette end have appeared.

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Bye, Bye Bluebeard picture

Continuity mistake: When the mouse (hidden in a vase) tiptoes on the table at the start of the short, the bread on the plate is initially pointing up, but in the next shot it is pointing down.

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Out-Foxed picture

Continuity mistake: When Droopy tells Reginald Fox about the steak for every fox he brings back, Reginald is wearing his monocle on his right eye, but when he picks up the phone book in the next shot, the monocle is now on his left eye.

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The Grey Hounded Hare picture

Continuity mistake: When we see "Grandpa's Folly" being 'scratched' in his starting box, the box has no door in front of it, but when we see the boxes at the start of the race in the next shot, a door has suddenly appeared.

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Daffy Duck Hunt picture

Continuity mistake: When Porky realises that they are celebrating Christmas in April instead of December, the numbers on the month of April on the calendar change position between shots.

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Little Rural Riding Hood picture

Continuity mistake: When the City Wolf hits the Country Wolf with his baseball bat, the bat he is holding has an oval shape on it. When the City Wolf says "Control yourself, cousin!" in the next shot, the oval shape has disappeared.

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Hatch Up Your Troubles picture

Continuity mistake: After Tom has drunk a bucket of water, the baby woodpecker pecks inside his stomach and water then seeps out through tiny holes in his body. At this point, you can see Tom is completely surrounded by water, but when Jerry knocks Tom's tail in the next shot, the water has disappeared.

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Mississippi Hare picture

Continuity mistake: During the poker game, the Colonel says "I've got five aces" and he lies down his cards in front of him. You can see that next to the Colonel there is half a coin and a pack of playing cards. When Bugs says "I've got six aces, sir." he takes the half-coin away from the Colonel, but the Colonel's cards and the pack of playing cards have disappeared.

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All in a Nutshell picture

Continuity mistake: When Chip is hit on the head by a stone a second time, Dale helps him up and takes away the stone. When this happens, you can see there is nothing on the ground behind Chip but in the next shot grass has suddenly appeared.

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On the Town picture

Character mistake: In Frank Sinatra's scene in the taxi cab, when the girl is singing "Come Up to My Place," he rolls the cab window down and when he rolls it back up, he catches the front of his hair (the quiff) and has to roll the window back down to release it.

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The House of Tomorrow picture

Continuity mistake: The automatic sandwich maker makes them by cutting up both the salami and bread and then puts them together. When they're placed on the plates in the next shot, the salami and bread have both disappeared.

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Fast and Furry-ous picture

Continuity mistake: When the coyote is tossing the boomerang up and down, his tail keeps disappearing and re-appearing.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game picture

Continuity mistake: When Sinatra comes down to Esther Williams to serenade her by the pool, she has just been swimming. When she meets up with him by the tree she is dry as a bone. Even her swimsuit is dry.

manthabeat Premium member
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