Best western movie continuity mistakes of 1948

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Fort Apache picture

Continuity mistake: A group of new recruits is introduced to horseriding. One spindly volunteer gallops off first, but when we see him from behind he has been replaced by a stuntman of about twice his width. (00:44:10)

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The Paleface picture

Continuity mistake: When the lady is singing to Bob Hope in the bar Bob has his hat a little above his hair. But in the next shot when the lady is brushing her hat feathers in Bob's face his hat is down farther on his head and none of his hair is sticking out.

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The Treasure of the Sierra Madre picture

Continuity mistake: When Humphrey Bogart dunks his head in the watering hole, he leans over far enough that his hat is almost entirely submerged. In the next shot, he sets his hat down beside him and only the front portion is wet.

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Bugs Bunny Rides Again picture

Continuity mistake: When Yosemite Sam enters the saloon, there are swinging doors behind him. When he orders "all of you skunks" to "clear outta here", the other cowboys leave but the doors to the saloon have disappeared.

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