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Rope picture

Trivia: At first, this film seems to have only one scene and two shots, one outside and another inside. Actually, it is divided in a series of 10 minute continuous shots, 10 minutes being the maximum duration of filming possible without reloading the camera. Every 10 minutes, the camera zooms on a dark object and then cuts.

Dr Wilson

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Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein picture

Trivia: At first, Lou Costello did not want to be in the film because he thought the movie was too silly. But when Universal (the company that made the film) offered him $50,000 to be in the movie, Costello said he would be delighted.

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The Babe Ruth Story picture

Trivia: William Bendix was actually a bat boy for the Yankees, and a close friend of Babe Ruth's.

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Oliver Twist picture

Trivia: Because of protests from Jewish pressure groups, the film was not released in the United States until 1951.

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Red River picture

Trivia: This was Harry Carey Sr.'s last film. It was also the only film to have both Harry Carey Sr. And his son, Harry Carey Jr., star. They did not have any scenes together.

Noman Premium member

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Odor of the Day picture

Trivia: There is no dialogue in the short, apart from a mutual "Gesundheit!" at the very end.

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Scaredy Cat picture

Trivia: This was the first cartoon in which Sylvester is named, as well as the first appearance of Sylvester in a cartoon directed by Chuck Jones.

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Bugs Bunny Rides Again picture

Trivia: In the original cut, Yosemite Sam says after introducing himself, "I don't mean Mahatma Ghandi." After the death of Ghandi in 1948, the line was changed to "I ain't no namby-pamby." in the cartoon's re-release.

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Kit for Cat picture

Trivia: When the orange cat is trying to frame Sylvester by making a lot of noise, he turns on the radio which plays a soap opera where the two main characters, "Melvin" and "Beatrice", take turns trying to kill each other. "Melvin" is Mel Blanc, whereas "Beatrice" is Bea Benaderet.

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Lucky Ducky picture

Trivia: When the two hunting dogs discover that there is no shooting after 6 pm, both of them yell ‘Tom's Scream'.

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Pluto's Fledgling picture

Trivia: When Pluto is walking up a pile of logs in order to return the bird to its nest, look carefully and you can see that the end of three logs form a "Hidden Mickey."

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I Taw a Putty Tat picture

Trivia: The box that Tweety hides behind in the cupboard has "Ross Raisins" on the front - a reference to the animator Virgil Ross.

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Hamlet picture

Trivia: The first British film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

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Fort Apache picture

Trivia: Like in most western films made by John Ford, real Native Americans were used and were paid union scale.


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Three for Breakfast picture

Trivia: When Donald Duck falls off the roof when he slides on the butter whilst holding the piece of baked rubber cement, a "Goofy Holler" can be heard.

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