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Blithe Spirit picture

Ruth Condomine: There's no need to be aggressive, Charles. I'm doing my best to help you.

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Spellbound picture

John Ballantine: For what it's worth, I can't remember ever having kissed another woman before.

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Brief Encounter picture

Laura Jesson: Isn't it awful about people meaning to be kind?

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Rhapsody in Blue picture

Max Dreyfus: George, you can give America a voice.

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The Scarlet Clue picture

Capt. Flynn: Say, do you suspect any of the people who were present when she died?
Charlie Chan: Suspect everyone on general principle.

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Mildred Pierce picture

Monte: Oh, I wish I could get that interested in work.
Ida: You were probably frightened by a callus at an early age.

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The Bullfighters picture

Oliver: That bull wouldn't hirt a fly.
Stanley Laurel: Yeah, but I'm not a fly.

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The Enchanted Cottage picture

Oliver Bradford: Well, apparently you don't complain.
Major John Hillgrove: You haven't given me a chance.

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Taxidermist: May I help you?
Woody Woodpecker: Yeah. How about a menu?
Taxidermist: I beg your pardon?
Woody Woodpecker: A menu, menu! M-E-N, men. Y-O-U, you. Menu.

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State Fair picture

Harry Ware: Biggest boar in the world, I bet.
Margy Frake: All depends on how you spell it.

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Hare Trigger picture

Yosemite Sam: Be you the mean hombre that's a-hankerin' for a heap of trouble, stranger? Well, be ya?
Bugs Bunny: I be.

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I Know Where I'm Going! picture

Catriona Potts: You'll stay here tonight of course.
Joan Webster: Well I don't want to be any trouble.
Catriona Potts: Oh it's no trouble at all. Besides I haven't heard any intelligent female nonsense for months.

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Draftee Daffy picture

Daffy Duck: I guess he's gone now.
The Little Man from the Draft Board: Well, now, I wouldn't say that.

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The Woman in Green picture

Inspector Gregson: So I put my pride in my pocket and went to see the man that so often helped out Inspector Lastrade and myself in the past, Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

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Kolberg picture

Lt. Schill: It is a good feeling for a soldier if he knows that a girl is crying for him.

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Objective, Burma! picture

Mark Williams: Why didn't you join the Navy?
Capt. Nelson: I can walk better than I can swim, brother.

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Herr Meets Hare picture

Goering: Heil him.
Hitler: Heil me.

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The Jade Mask picture

Charlie Chan: Murder know no law of relativity.

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House of Dracula picture

Dr. Edelman: Now, Mr. Talbot... You broke your promise to me, didn't you? Told the police. I don't like people who break their promises, Mr. Talbot.

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