Best movie character mistakes of 1945

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The Bullfighters picture

Character mistake: Laurel & Hardy's testimony sent Muldoon to prison. He was freed when the real criminal confessed. Muldoon vowed revenge. Five years later at a bullfight, Laurel is posing as a Spanish bullfighter, Don Sebastian. Muldoon recognizes him and points to him and mistakenly shouts, "That's Hardy - -and the other one is Laurel."

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The Shooting of Dan McGoo picture

Character mistake: When we see what is happening inside the saloon, there is a sign which reads "Noisy - Is'nt It?" It should read "Isn't."

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Blithe Spirit picture

Character mistake: When Charles comes down to breakfast the evening after Elvira arrived, he comments to Ruth what a wonderful day it is, "not a cloud in the sky." But that's wrong; there's a low cloud bank and the rest is murky and gloomy.

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And Then There Were None picture

Character mistake: Blore accuses Lombard saying "What about those 21 poor natives in South Africa?" The record played during the first evening mentioned indeed 21 men, but that were natives of a tribe in East Africa. (00:14:20 - 01:10:10)

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