Best animated movie continuity mistakes of 1945

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Continuity mistake: When Jerry is pretending to dance with the placecard mascots at the restaurant, the last mascot he dances with initially has red hair, but when the two pretend to skate on the mirror, her hair is now blonde.

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Continuity mistake: When Screwy squashes the truant officer's nose with a mallet, the nose jumps off in pain and then hides under the officer's face. At this point, the truant officer is wearing a hat on his head, but in the next shot the hat has disappeared.

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Draftee Daffy picture

Continuity mistake: When Daffy picks up the telephone to answer the call, there is a sofa behind him. But when he walks along after putting the phone down, the sofa has gone.

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Donald's Crime picture

Continuity mistake: When Donald takes Daisy to her home after their date, there is a doorbell on the door frame that keeps disappearing and re-appearing between shots.

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Hare Tonic picture

Continuity mistake: Elmer Fudd is standing by the door when he reads the sign on it, but when we see Bugs Bunny in the next shot, Elmer is nowhere to be seen. The style of the words "No One" also changes between shots, as does the doorhandle.

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Continuity mistake: Woody paints red rings on the bottom of the Taxidermist's coat when preparing for the final attack in the elevator shaft, but before the elevator hits the Taxidermist, the rings have disappeared.

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Herr Meets Hare picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs Bunny says "Watch your blood pressure, chubby!" to Göring, the medals on Göring's lederhosen change between shots.

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Nasty Quacks picture

Continuity mistake: When Daffy Duck is eating his breakfast at the table, the cup next to him has nothing in it but in the next shot a piece of buttered toast suddenly appears.

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Hare Trigger picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs pours red ink on Sam's head, he leaves the bottle on its side and there is a label saying "Ink" on it. In the next shot, the word "Ink" has disappeared.

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Continuity mistake: When the hunter is holding the piece of paper that was in the satchel at the end of the cartoon, you can see that his left hand is on the side of the paper, but in the next shot it is now on the corner.

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Hare Conditioned picture

Continuity mistake: Throughout the cartoon, watch the handkerchief in the store manager's top pocket of his jacket. In some shots it is in the pocket; others it isn't.

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The Shooting of Dan McGoo picture

Continuity mistake: When we see Droopy gambling at the fruit machine, you can see the fruits have nothing around them but in the next shot a pattern suddenly appears.

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