Best movie mistakes of 1944

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Bluebeard picture

Revealing mistake: When we see for the first time cops fish out of the river one of Bluebeard's victims, the "lifeless body" helps herself up on the boat, practically climbing on her own. (00:02:15)

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The Scarlet Claw picture

Continuity mistake: The postman walks into the tavern as the bell tolls. When he sits at the table with the others, everyone changed position at the cut. The bearded man had his hand on his glass, and now it's gone, and the priest's hand was not on the table, but then it is. (00:02:15)

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Wilson picture

Factual error: As the train with Wilson aboard pulls into a town toward the end of the movie the year is 1919. Through the window of the train, looking out into the parking lot, there are two cars from the mid to late 1930s.

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Tom Turk and Daffy picture

Continuity mistake: When Daffy says to Porky, "Did you lose something, Fat Stuff?" the number of trees in the background decreases between shots.

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The Bodyguard picture

Continuity mistake: When Spike is captured by the dog catcher at the end of the cartoon, you can see that there is a padlock on the door of the van, but when Jerry is chasing the van in the next shot, the padlock has disappeared.

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Hare Force picture

Continuity mistake: When Granny is speaking to Sylvester at the start of the cartoon, you can see there is nothing is under Sylvester. In the next shot, a green pillow appears, and in the shot after that, it has disappeared.

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Ministry of Fear picture

Revealing mistake: Several pieces of furniture, including a large sofa, fall over before the suitcase bomb actually explodes.

Jean G

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Plane Daffy picture

Continuity mistake: When Daffy flies into the squadron headquarters, you can see that the strap on the left-hand side of his helmet is resting on his arm, but in the next shot the strap is directly behind him.

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