Best animated movie continuity mistakes of 1943

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Baby Puss picture

Continuity mistake: When Jerry slams the door on the dollhouse after Tom attempted to catch him after his dress slips off, the blind in the top window is pulled right up but in the next shot it's now pulled down halfway.

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The Yankee Doodle Mouse picture

Continuity mistake: When Jerry launches his egg carton, there are initially three light bulbs in the back, but when he releases the bulbs, there are now four.

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Dumb-Hounded picture

Continuity mistake: When Droopy is standing the door, he tells the convict he's going to call the cops. At this point you can see there is nothing next to Droopy on the frame, but in the very next shot a hinge has appeared.

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Tortoise Wins by a Hare picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs is viewing footage of the previous encounter between Cecil Turtle and himself at the start of the cartoon, you can see that viewed from behind, the projector only has one reel. When we see Bugs eating his carrot in the next shot, there are now two reels.

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The Fifth-Column Mouse picture

Continuity mistake: When the mice are serving the cat, there is a mouse who is taking the cat's order and he drops his notepad on the floor when he says "Mouse?" and runs off. But when we see a full view of the cat and the mice in the next shot, the notepad is nowhere to be seen.

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Continuity mistake: When Mr Pig is speaking to his baby son in the cot, the headboard of the cot is initially coloured white, but in the next shot it is now grey.

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Yankee Doodle Daffy picture

Continuity mistake: When Daffy is playing "I'm A Cowboy" with Porky, he falls off Porky with his cowboy hat on, but when Daffy crashes into the safe, his hat has disappeared.

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The Wise Quacking Duck picture

Continuity mistake: When we see Mr Meek with his axe at the beginning of cartoon, you can see there is nothing in the fence beside him, but in the next shot, wire fencing has suddenly appeared.

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