Best animated movie mistakes of 1941

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Dumbo picture

Continuity mistake: When the elephants in the circus are making a pyramid on top of a ball, as it changes from shot to shot the colour of the blankets on their backs changes, and one of the elephants changes from grey to blue.

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Truant Officer Donald picture

Continuity mistake: When Donald uses the jack to raise the hut onto his van, you can see the glass in the window is completely intact, but when he burrows under the hut a few shots later, the glass is now broken.

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The Midnight Snack picture

Continuity mistake: When Tom shows Jerry a piece of cheese from the fridge, the holes in the cheese change position between shots.

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The Night Before Christmas picture

Continuity mistake: When Jerry appears from the hair of the toy lion, you can see that behind him there is a decoration and some purple baubles. In the next shot, the decoration has disappeared and the baubles are now much closer to the lion.

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Porky's Pooch picture

Continuity mistake: When Sandy is watching the chef toss hot cakes at the American Grill at the start of the cartoon, you can see there is a jug and some dishes at the far end of the counter, but when the camera pans in on the chef, the jug and dishes are now much closer to him.

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Wabbit Twouble picture

Continuity mistake: When Elmer 'plays dead' with the grizzly bear, he lies down and you can see his hat is beside his head, but when Bugs (pretending to be a bear) kisses Elmer, the hat has disappeared.

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Chef Donald picture

Continuity mistake: When we see Donald stuck to the mixture at the end of the cartoon, you can see there are a lot of broken items on the floor underneath him, but when Donald runs off to the radio station, the floor is completely clear.

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