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Pinocchio picture

Trivia: Despite playing a very important role to the film, none of the vocal artists are credited.

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Fantasia picture

Trivia: When the film was released, critics and moviegoers had a difficult time appreciating it. Some say that the film was ahead of its time and too surreal for most people. It was not until the late 1960s that "Fantasia" received the respect and appreciation it deserved.

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Rebecca picture

Trivia: Hitchcock's cameo appearance, a signature feature of his films, takes place near the end. He is seen outside a phone box when Jack is making a call.

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The Philadelphia Story picture

Trivia: All of the scenes in this movie were shot in only one take and in one scene the technique really shows. When Jimmy Stewart is drunk, he ad-libbed hiccuping while he was talking. Cary Grant, not expecting the comic relief, had to look down at the floor to keep from laughing (you can see him grinning and collecting himself).

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His Girl Friday picture

Trivia: When trying to describe Bruce to a friend Grant says "He looks like, uhh, that fella in the movies, Ralph Bellamy." Bruce was in fact played by Ralph Bellamy.

Jack's Revenge
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Saps at Sea picture

Trivia: This was Laurel & Hardy's last film produced by the Hal Roach studio.

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Elmer's Candid Camera picture

Trivia: The first appearance of Elmer Fudd in a Warner Brothers cartoon.

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A Wild Hare picture

Trivia: "A Wild Hare" is considered by many historians as the first "official" Bugs Bunny cartoon.

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Phantom of Chinatown picture

Trivia: This is the only Mr Wong movie, to date, where Boris Karloff did not portray the Master Detective.

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The Great Dictator picture

Trivia: This was Charlie Chaplin's first feature film with full sound.

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Foreign Correspondent picture

Trivia: Hitchcock's cameo comes twelve minutes into the movie - he can be seen wearing a hat and coat and reading a newspaper after Joel McCrea leaves the hotel.

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Puss Gets the Boot picture

Trivia: The first Tom and Jerry cartoon. The duo were originally named "Jasper and Jinx" by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, though only Tom was identified on screen by his original name (Jasper). Hanna-Barbera would later use the name "Jinx" in their television creation "Pixie and Dixie", where their adversary was the cat, Mr Jinx.

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You Ought to Be in Pictures picture

Trivia: Chuck Jones and Bob Clampett can be seen in the crowd rushing out from the studio during the lunch break.

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