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A Day at the Races picture

Flo: Oh, what is the meaning of this? Oh, why you little pest. Well.
Dr. Hackenbush: Say, what's the matter with you mugs? Haven't you got any gallantry at all?
Tony: She's in with Whitmore. She's trying to frame you.
Dr. Hackenbush: I wouldn't mind framing her. A prettier picture, I've never seen.
Flo: Thank you.
Dr. Hackenbush: Thank yo.
Tony: Hey Doc! Doc, I'm tell you a secret - she's out to get you.
Flo: Why, I've never been so insulted in my life.
Dr. Hackenbush: Well, it's early yet.

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Way Out West picture

Lola Marcel, the Singing Nightingale: Tell me, tell me about my dear, dear Daddy! Is it true that he's dead?
Stan: Well, we hope he is, they buried him.

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The Awful Truth picture

Jerry Warriner: I'm going out to get some popcorn and pink lemonade. I've just seen a three-ring circus.

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Lonesome Ghosts picture

Ghost #1: Ah, we don't have no fun no more.
Ghost #2: No. Nobody around here to scare.
Ghost #3: Ha! We scared them all away. Guess we're too good.

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