Best movie mistakes of 1936

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Follow the Fleet picture

Revealing mistake: In the first scene on Ginger's sister's boat that's being refitted, one of the seagulls (yes they used real seagulls) flies over the stern end right into the cyclorama and takes a nose dive to the stage floor.

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Modern Times picture Modern Times mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the visit of the Minister in jail, Charlie sits next to the Minister's wife. The distance between them varies between shots. (00:30:40)

Dr Wilson

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Things To Come picture

Revealing mistake: When Cabal and Passworthy look upon the distant searchlights from their doorstep, it's plain that the "beams" of light are really just solid dowel rods being swung about.

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Great Guy picture

Continuity mistake: After the bad guys frame Cagney for drunk driving and stage an auto accident, the smudges on his face change shape and position several times between shots. (00:27:30)

Jean G

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Winds of the Wasteland picture

Factual error: John Blair rides for the pony express, which operated until October, 1861. However, all of the handguns in the movie are cartridge Colts, which did not come into existence until 1871.

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The Plainsman picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Buffalo Bill is about to take aim, his left hand is on the metal ring on the rifle. In the next close up of Wild Bill Hickok we can now see Buffalo Bill's hand has moved to another position further down from the ring and in the third shot, his hand is now covering the ring. (01:00:10)


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The Texas Rangers picture

Factual error: This movie takes place post-civil war, and Fisher, in his first discussion with General Cortinas refers to the "Republic of Texas" being ripe for the taking. Texas ceased to be a republic in 1845, when it joined the United States.

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Charlie Chan at the Opera picture

Factual error: Charlie Chan claims that mixing hydrochloric acid with ferrocyanide of potassium is mixing two acids. Ferrocyanide of potassium is not an acid. (00:27:00)

Noman Premium member

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Mr. Deeds Goes to Town picture

Continuity mistake: The lawyer and his two collaborators arrive in Mandrake Falls and reach Longfellow Deeds' home. The housekeeper opens the door to let them in...and never bothers to close it (and it does not close by itself). Few seconds later, Deeds' arrival is announced by the dog who impatiently paws at the closed door. (00:04:50)

Sammo Premium member

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The CooCoo Nut Grove picture

Continuity mistake: When we see "Ben Birdie" on the stage at the start of the cartoon, he is surrounded by a piano, tuba and a drum, but when a mouse appears out of the tuba in the next shot, the drum has completely disappeared.

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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street picture

Continuity mistake: Todd meets Mr. Beadle outside of his shop with a new apprentice for him. Beadle strokes his chin as he mentions the 7 guineas, but his hand is firmly on the boy's shoulder at the cut. (00:07:55)

Sammo Premium member

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I Love to Singa picture

Continuity mistake: In one shot of the auditions at the radio station, the sign on the desk reads "Jack Bunny and his Amatuer Hour." In other shots, the error is corrected.

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The Rogues' Tavern picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the establishing continuous shot in the lobby, Bert leans against the desk and whines; "This is the kind of night that gives me the willies." The clerk rolls her eyes; she is holding a note between the two hands and you can see right before the cut that the note stays in her left as she lets go with the right. The new shoot though begins with the note in her right hand. (00:02:45)

Sammo Premium member

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