Best family movie mistakes of 1935

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Mickey's Fire Brigade picture

Continuity mistake: When Donald Duck is holding on to Mickey Mouse when Goofy is dangling on the ladder, you can see there is a window underneath Donald, but when he has his feathers burned in the next shot, the window has disappeared.

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On Ice picture

Continuity mistake: When Minnie Mouse falls down on the pillow whilst attempting to skate, the pillow bursts and covers Mickey with feathers. When Mickey goes off skating you can see nothing surrounding the pillow, but when we return to Minnie later on, there are now a lot of feathers around it.

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The Band Concert picture

Continuity mistake: When we see Donald Duck tied up in the tree after it was struck by the tornado, the position of Donald's hands changes between shots.

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I Haven't Got a Hat picture

Continuity mistake: Before Little Kitty attempts to recite "Mary Had a Little Lamb", you can see there is writing on the blackboard behind her. When she makes her exit, the writing has disappeared, and when Ham and Ex appear, the writing is back again.

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