Best movie trivia of 1933

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King Kong picture

Trivia: King Kong's roar was made from the roars of a lion and a tiger put together and played backward.


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The Invisible Man picture

Trivia: A purely technical error with all "invisible man/woman/boy" movies is that the eye works by interacting with light incident upon the retina. The Invisible Man is made so by being rendered transparent to visible light. This means that his eyes no longer interact with light - so he ought to be completely blind. (However, a healthy suspension of disbelief makes for a great story.).

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Duck Soup picture

Trivia: The mirror sequence was filmed in only two hours.

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Dirty Work picture

Trivia: When Stan pulls Oliver down the chimney, a cloud of chimney soot engulfs them and Jessup. The 'soot' you see is actually powdered chocolate.

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