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Their First Mistake picture

Oliver: She says I think more of you than I do of her.
Stanley: Well you do, don't you?
Oliver: Well, we won't go into that.

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Movie Crazy picture

Miller: Mr. O'Brien wants me to take a test of you right away.
Harold Hall aka Trouble: Well, I don't understand. He practically threw me out.
Miller: You don't want to pay any attention to Mr. O'Brien. He's like that one minute, the next minute he'll want to kiss you. I think he's nuts.

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Horse Feathers picture

Frank: Dad, let me congratulate you. I'm proud to be your son.
Professor Wagstaff: My boy, you took the words right out of my mouth. I'm ashamed to be your father. You're a disgrace to our family name of Wagstaff, if such a thing is possible.

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Red-Headed Woman picture

Lil Andrews: Listen, Sally, I made up my mind a long time ago, I'm not gonna spend my whole life on the wrong side of the railroad tracks.
Sally: Well, I hope you don't get hit by a train while you're crossing over.

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The Music Box picture

Ollie: What were you doing up there?
Stan: I was trying to plug it in.
Ollie: That's not the place to plug it in! Give it to me.

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Helpmates picture

Ollie: Get this house cleaned up! Do you know that my wife will be home at noon.
Stan: Say, what do you think I am? Cinderella? If I had any sense I'd walk out on you.
Ollie: Well it's a good thing you haven't any sense.
Stan: It certainly is.

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