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Monkey Business picture

Trivia: At one point, Thelma Todd is telling Groucho that she is living unhappily (and wants "freedom, liberty, justice, etc.). Groucho responds, "I know, I know, you're a woman who's been getting nothing but dirty breaks her whole life. Well we can clean and fix those breaks, but you'll have to stay in the garage all night." Less than four years later, Thelma Todd died of carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of being locked in a garage with a running car. There has been much controversy as to whether her death was an accident or not, even to this day.


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Dracula picture

Trivia: To accommodate all sorts of viewers, the studio also made a silent version of the film (for cinemas without sound equipment) and a Spanish-speaking version (to be shown in Latin America). The Spanish version is considered a better film, because it was filmed after the English takes each day, so the Spanish director and actors would watch the English takes and decide how to improve on them.


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Pardon Us picture

Trivia: Director James Parrott has a cameo as the prisoner marching next to Oliver Hardy after Stan and Oliver are recaptured.

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Cimarron picture

Trivia: This was the first western to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

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Beau Hunks picture

Trivia: Gordon Douglas, who later directed the 1940 Laurel and Hardy film "Saps at Sea", makes a cameo as a Ford Arid Legionnaire.

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The Moose Hunt picture

Trivia: "The Moose Hunt" marks the only time Pluto speaks in a Walt Disney cartoon. His words are "Kiss me."

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde picture

Trivia: This was the first horror film to win an Academy Award.

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