Best drama movie mistakes of 1931

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Frankenstein picture

Revealing mistake: There is a large painted hanging cloth backdrop of clouds in the mountain scenes near the end of the film. Vertical streaks can be seen in the backdrop that are the pleats in the fabric. These streaks really stand out in the restored versions of the film.

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City Lights picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie when the blind flower girl (Virginia Cherrill),sees her tramp benefactor for the first time Chaplin's hand jumps back and forth away from his mouth in sucessive shots.

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Dracula picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Renfield enters Dracula's castle, it is past midnight and on the outside, it is dark. But there is a LOT of bright light streaming through the windows into the castle, throwing well-defined shadows. (00:09:10)

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Pardon Us picture

Continuity mistake: When Stan and Oliver say "A-ha!" during the classroom scene, we cut back to the teacher and there is a large book on the left hand side of his table. But in the next shot, three more books are now on top of the large book.

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