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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 picture

Character mistake: In the exchange at the train station in district 2, Katniss says how she killed Cato in the 74th games, and Cato killed Thresh and Thresh killed Clove etc However Cato didn't kill Thresh - he was attacked by the mutts and killed by them. (00:14:50)

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Braveheart picture

Character mistake: At the beginning, in the funeral of the young lady, the priest says in Latin the traditional "In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti", but he says the last word wrong, "sanctus" instead of "sancti."

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Lawrence of Arabia picture

Character mistake: On the journey to meet Prince Feisal, Lawrence is offered food by his guide and accepts using his left hand. This would have been considered an insult as Arabs always eat using the right hand. The historical Lawrence would have known better. He had spent many years in the Middle East before the war.

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The Longest Day picture

Character mistake: According to the subtitles, when the landings begin General Marcks asks his aide to get General Pemsel at 5th Army on the phone. Pemsel was chief of staff of 7th Army, as the caption correctly states when he first appears. 5th Army was disbanded in 1939.


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The Sand Pebbles picture

Character mistake: Following McQueen's viewing of Naval Shipmate Attenborough's corpse, he then fails to recover the decedents dogtag; a United States Military Protocol.

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Tom Clancy's Without Remorse picture

Character mistake: The Captain of the team breaches a door and engages the sniper with her rifle, however it's dry and her weapon just clicks twice. Being a highly trained soldier she should have known her weapon is dry. She's using a IWI Tavor, which has a bolt hold-open mechanism after the last round is depleted from the magazine just like an AR-15 or a Glock handgun. Even if she had 10 rounds in the magazine she should have done a tactical reload since she's entering a new room with unknown hostiles. (01:14:00)

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Suggested correction: I didn't realise till after the engagement she said her gun jammed, hence why it clicked. She didn't enter the room with a dry gun. I didn't realise till the next seen and I had already submitted the mistake. My bad.

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Zeros and Ones picture

Character mistake: Immediately after kissing (through masks) and having close contact with JJ, Valeria removed her protective mask and went to check on her sick/crying child. Valeria was clicking her tongue, kissing her child on the face/head and putting her hands around the child's ears/hair. Valeria did not take appropriate preventive measures for contracting and/or spreading COVID-19. (00:18:40 - 00:19:29)


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The Last Legion picture

Character mistake: Merlin tells Arthur that Pendragon means Son Of the Dragon when it actually means Top Dragon or senior leader. Pen is Welsh for top not son.

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Company of Heroes picture

Character mistake: There's a corporal sitting against a rock wall smoking a cigarette. Two privates both call him sir. Enlisted soldiers are not called sir.

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