Best western TV plot holes of all time

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Shootout at Diablo Station - S2-E11

Plot hole: Well within earshot of the others in the small room, Curry comments to Heyes (purely for the viewers' benefit, since Heyes already knows it) that if Lom Trevors is killed, their amnesty will go with him. This information should have blown their cover, but for some strange (and unbelievable) reason, no one wonders what he's talking about. (00:19:00)

Jean G
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The High Chaparral picture

Only the Bad Come to Sonora - S4-E3

Plot hole: Manolito trades clothes with the poor peon he meets on the road. But at the end of the episode, he has the same clothes that he gave away earlier (his usual outfit) back on again.

Jean G
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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman picture

To Have and to Hold - S6-E20

Plot hole: In the ending scene, Mike has a probable concussion from her fall, so Sully keeps her awake to prevent her slipping into a coma. They talk all night, reminiscing as Mike experiences periodic pain spasms. Their talk ends with discussion over them having another child, and then they instantly engage in an intimate moment, which would be impossible, considering her condition, and without further checkup from another doctor. Sometime later she is suddenly feeling 'cured', and they return home.

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The Wild Wild West picture

The Night of the Raven - S2-E3

Plot hole: Antoinette is making miniature clothes for the soon-to-be shrunken West, but when West drinks the antidote to make him normal-sized, he is wearing the same clothes which would have been shredded as he grew back to normal size.

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Bonanza picture

Something Hurt, Something Wild - S8-E1

Plot hole: Laurie Ferguson is outside the Ponderosa ranch with Joe Cartwright. In an attempt to frame him for sexually assaulting her, she begins screaming. She emits six loud piercing screams before the scene shifts to Ben, Hoss and her father and brother inside the home. It is not until her seventh scream that the four men look up and start to run outside.

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