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Goosebumps picture

Stay Out Of The Basement (2) - S1-E13

Stupidity: When the real Dr. Brewer is found in the basement, he has duct tape over his mouth and needs his daughter to remove it for him. His hands are tied around the wrist, but not behind his back, so he could have easily removed the tape from his mouth himself long before he was found.

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Suggested correction: He was being blackmailed by Gary Roberts. He "reopened" the case as a ruse to kill Roberts.


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The Return of Hydro-Man: Part 1 - S5-E7

Stupidity: When Spider-Man is working in the lab, he uses his webbing to barricade the door shut so no-one interrupts him. When Debra Whitman shows up and asks who is in there, he identifies himself as Peter Parker. When he is finished with his work, he leaves out of the window so that by the time the security guards break the door down, he has vanished. Since he used his webbing to keep the door closed, it would be pretty easy for Debra and the security guards to figure out that Peter is Spider-Man since Spider-Man's webbing is at the scene and Peter seemingly vanished into thin air.

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Deadly Reunions - S1-E4

Stupidity: When Sabretooth is pushing Wolverine's claws back towards him, Wolverine desperately struggles to keep his claws away from his face. Instead of struggling to keep the claws away, Wolverine could have simply retracted them and get out of danger.

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Suggested correction: It should also be pointed out that there really was no reason for him to retract his claws. In some shots you can tell the claws weren't that close to his face, he was just struggling to get Sabretooth off him. What would Wolverine care if his claws scratched him? He already rips holes in his hands every time he extends his claws, so a scratch or hole in his face wouldn't matter when he can heal.


Suggested correction: If Sabretooth is squeezing Wolverine's arms hard enough, then it's possible that the muscles are too tensed up to allow him to retract claws back into his arms.

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This is only a theory. Theories never resolve mistakes.

Then by that same token, the entry isn't a valid mistake because it's worded as a question. Also, theories can and do resolve mistakes if the mistake in question is a subjective observation of a character decision.

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Nothing suggests that his muscles are too tensed up. For many viewers it is too confusing that he didn't simply retract his claws.

Something being confusing isn't the same as being a mistake. Things also don't need to be explicitly spelled out for audiences to reasonably assume why characters do or don't do certain things.

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Line of Duty picture

Episode #3.1 - S3-E1

Stupidity: Ronan Murphy is left handed. Watch carefully as he disarms himself. His weapon is replaced in his right hand. In a suspicious shooting, they never thought to check something so basic? (00:04:12)

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CSI: NY picture

Zoo York - S2-E3

Stupidity: When Mac and Lindsay are reconstructing the stab wound found on their victim on their pig specimen, a couple of the weapons they use are long, thin knives; since they obviously don't match the circular wound, Mac at the very least would know those could be excluded by default.

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Justified picture

The Promise - S6-E13

Stupidity: Markham lets Ava call her uncle's phone, and she doesn't let on that Boyd answers instead. He later says "I don't trust anyone", but he didn't demand she put the call on speaker for transparency, he's quite happy (at the time) to just hear one side of the call.

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Prison Break picture

Allen - S1-E2

Stupidity: Michael is shown to test the dimensions of the Allen key against a tattoo. Why not just try it in the bolt? It would be a lot more accurate. (00:37:00)

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The Blacklist picture

The Forecaster (No. 163) - S4-E10

Stupidity: Farnsworth tells Charnquist they've been compromised by a girl listening in on their phone calls and that Charnquist needs to take care of it. He is able to identify the girl, elude FBI, tries to burn his apartment down, is able to gains access to Maggie's apartment and knock out Aram in order to kidnap Maggie. He's a killer who works for someone who has arranged dozen of murders, and knows "take care of her" means kill her. There is absolutely no reason for Charnquist not to have just killed Maggie, Aram, and Fiona. He had opportunity and he ends up killing 3 cops in order to kidnap her and kidnapping Maggie would not have solved anything.


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Continuum picture

A Stitch in Time - S1-E1

Stupidity: During a shootout in front of a bank, one of the bank robbers lays his shotgun on the trunk of a car and yells "I'm out!" However, he has 6 additional rounds in a shell holder on the side of the gun. (00:35:20)

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Point of Impact - S8-E8

Stupidity: After talking to the bartender, Calleigh goes back the lab and talks to Caine, and he wonders if they got a false positive from the vic's blood alcohol. Calleigh then gives a detailed description of how that could happen; Caine already knows how (obviously this was done for the audience, to explain it, but in the context of the show, it makes no sense).


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The X-Files picture

Soft Light - S2-E23

Stupidity: After Mulder requests a fingerprint check on light bulb, Scully wipes it down with a napkin, removing any such evidence with no possible useful outcome. (00:06:00)

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Dexter picture

Goodbye Miami - S8-E10

Stupidity: After Dexter tells Hannah that the U.S. Marshals have distributed her picture everywhere, she questions how she will be able to flee Miami for Argentina. Dexter reasons he and Harrison can leave with her because the authorities won't be looking for a woman traveling with her "husband and child." It doesn't matter who she is or isn't traveling with. If the authorities have shared her picture, she's going to be flagged when she goes through security at the airport, which Dexter should certainly know. This is made all the more egregious when she takes Harrison to the hospital later in the episode and is ID'd by the receptionist.

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The Twilight Zone picture

Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up - S2-E28

Stupidity: The whole plot is based upon 6 people not being able to spot the seventh (odd man out). We can eliminate the couples, the driver remembers the pretty blond getting on the bus and the crazy old guy would stick in anybodies memory, so it leaves only the sour old guy in the coat and hat as the martian.Also all the troopers has to do was ask for IDs which they do but quit after they ask the crazy old guy for his.


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From Injustice Came the Way to Describe Justice - S1-E5

Stupidity: The police raid an apartment in search of guns. They should have used a ballistic shield for the point man to make entry and hit the apartment with a concussion device (flash-bang). The police officer who took a stomach full of lead would have more than likely survived had they been properly equipped. Ballistic shields have been around since 1977. This story takes place in 1992. (00:49:17)

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A Bad Reflection on You - S1-E38

Stupidity: The decision to risk revealing their identities to Bulk and Skull is one that the Rangers could have easily avoided. Since they tell the bullies to cover their eyes and ears, under the false pretense of a magic trick, they could have simply teleported to the Command Center, or any other secure location, and then morphed, well away from prying eyes.

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Black Space picture

Episode #1.8 - S1-E8

Stupidity: There's a gunman that just opened the school doors, and he's looking at the police like "a deer caught in the headlights" and they are all pointing their weapons at him and he's holding a gun mind you, but somehow these cops let him run back into the school without even taking a singe shot at him. His background was clear too, so if the cops fired there would've been no collateral damage if they had a shoot out. (00:35:00 - 00:35:30)

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Summer School - S1-E3

Stupidity: Rose shoots at Ryan after he has turned and is fighting with Spears. The bullets go through him. Wouldn't she hit Spears too, as he's directly in the line of fire? She's shooting relatively close.

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24 (2001)

24 picture

Day 4: 11:00 P.M.-12:00 A.M. - S4-E17

Stupidity: When the couple is in the plant they call Jack on the cellphone, he instructs them to open the case and separate the book from the activation device. This was stupid, he should have told them to destroy it, since the codes had changed the moment Air Force One crashed, and it would take about 1 hour to make this work. This is explained later on in the show.

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