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Batman: The Brave and the Bold picture

Triumvirate of Terror! - S3-E8

Plot hole: Just after Lex teleports into the Bat Cave, he marvels over how their tracking devices worked perfectly. However, they didn't have the plan to switch up nemeses until after they had their butts handed to them and retreated back to the Lex's lair. They never had the chance to put any tracers on the heroes, nor did they even have the idea to beforehand. (00:14:15)

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Fantastic Four: The Animated Series picture

When Calls Galactus - S2-E8

Plot hole: When Frankie tries to get Johnny to chase her out into space, he tells her he can't follow and warns her to turn back due to the thin atmosphere not being able to keep their flame powers active, and indeed her flames die out, and she begins falling back to Earth. However, several minutes later in the episode, both of them are just outside of the Earth when Terrax arrives, and again at the end after she becomes the new herald of Galactus, Johnny follows her into space well beyond Earth before his flames die out. (00:03:15 - 00:06:03)

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The Originals picture

Show generally

Plot hole: Lucien, Trustan and Aurora are somehow compelled to believe they are Mikaelsons, when no-one knew how to compel until Elijah compelled Aurora by mistake when they fled. So when did this supposed compelling happen? Did Elijah go back and do it later on? The siblings all had knowledge of him compelling them, so I'm confused exactly when they all learned of their ability.

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Legends of Tomorrow picture

Left Behind - S1-E9

Plot hole: It's revealed that Chronos is Mick from the future after he was abandoned by Snart. However, in the episode White Knights (episode 4) the earlier version was able to sneak up on Chronos and surprise him with an attack from behind. If that was a future version of Mick then surely he would have remembered the attack coming and could not have been so easily caught off guard.

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Batwoman picture

Down Down Down - S1-E3

Plot hole: The demented villain is not keeping tabs on the elevators! The rescue teams can move freely around the tower, the elevator doors can be pried open with ease like Sophie and her husband do, so his threat is completely empty and ineffective, somewhat surpassed in idiocy only by Batwoman's response, who during the ultimatum gets back home and keeps busy spraypanting the suit and finding a wig for her date with the crazy guy at the top of the hour rather than taking 10 minutes or so to free the people trapped in the 7 elevators first, unopposed as she is, and go challenge the idiot later when he has no more hostages. It shoud also be noted that the villain made the "hostage" situation and the "one hour" ultimatum known only to Kate! The police and the Crows have no reason at all not to intervene with full force to check out who the crazy bomber guy is, but the police does not swarm the building and nobody finds odd to see a madman on top of the building under terrorist attack.

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Mobile Suit Gundam picture

Escape from Luna II - S1-E4

Plot hole: White Base and the interior of Luna II withstand without a scratch the explosion of the thermonuclear reactor from the Magellan from just a few meters, while the blast literally vaporizes the Zaku far away from the entrance and threatens to damage the Musai, hundreds of meters away.

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Martian Successor Nadesico picture

'Unmei no sentaku' mitaina - S1-E6

Plot hole: Akito's attack is point blank, on a ship part of a fleet with Distortion Field activated (basically, they have shields, like the good guys' robots). The explosion he causes is according to Ruri's damage report big enough that it managed to vaporize 80% of the ships they were facing, but his Aestivalis and the other 3 right floating nearby make out of it literally without a scratch. (00:05:10)

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Roswell picture

Pilot - S1-E1

Plot hole: In the lab when Liz makes the slides of her cheek cells and the cells from Max's pencil, the first time she doesn't add stain and the second time she does. If she's going to be a molecular biologist she really ought to learn to apply techniques consistently. (00:07:30)


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The 100 picture

Unity Day - S1-E9

Plot hole: The grounder's leader Anya states that the missiles (flares) burned a village to the ground. If this were true, the flares couldn't have flown very far, otherwise that village would have been too far away for the grounders to know about. In a previous episode, when you saw the flares from space, it was obvious the flares traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles away. (00:31:30)

Mike Walker

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X-Men: Evolution picture

Grim Reminder - S1-E11

Plot hole: In the end of the episode, Wolverine is seen recuperating after surgery removes the microchip in his brain, and his head is bandaged. Performing invasive surgery on Wolverine's brain isn't possible, since that would require going through his adamantium-infused skull and no conventional material is capable of that. Only a less invasive technique (such as going through the cranial sutres or cranial foramen) would have been effective and that most likely would not have required Wolverine's head to be bandaged (especially with his rapid healing mutant ability).

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Night Gallery picture

The Messiah on Mott Street - S2-E38

Plot hole: No one in Goldman's house finds it at all strange that a mailman arrives at the door with a letter after midnight on Christmas Eve. Nor, a short time later, does the doctor or anyone else passing by at this very odd hour wonder why the same mailman is collecting mail from a street box at dawn on Christmas Day.

Jean G

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Star Trek: Picard picture

Season 2 generally

Plot hole: Dr. Adam Soong is initially presented as a discredited scientist, banned from the scientific community; he gets debarred and his funding revoked. And it's not an internal matter; he is publicly exposed for it. His daughter in episode 6 even finds out this information on Google. Several news articles call him "mad scientist" and such. However, this same person at the same time throughout the rest of the season has every bit of pull and influence, not just through undercover channels, but is treated with the utmost honor and deference by the NASA PR people at public events.

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds picture

The Serene Squall - S1-E7

Plot hole: In Episode 1-7: The Serene Squall, the Enterprise is at the edge of Federation space, and it is stated that it would take two days for a message to be received by Starfleet. Later in the episode, they have no problem establishing a real-time connection to Vulcan, which, according to canon, is only 16.5 light years away from Earth.

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The Twilight Zone picture

Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up - S2-E28

Plot hole: At the end of the episode, the trooper answers the phone declaring the bridge is safe to cross but the driver is still worried. The trooper says "We'll go on ahead, cross the bridge first." When Mr. Ross returns to the diner, he tells Haley the bridge wasn't safe. It collapsed. The state police car, the bus, everything went into the river with no survivors, except him of course. Here's the problem. The troopers were going to cross the bridge first to check its safety, then let the bus cross (1 vehicle at a time). That means only one vehicle could have made the bridge collapse, not both at the same time. If the police car made it across safely, then the bus caused it to collapse. If the police car caused it to fall, the bus would not have gone anywhere near the bridge. Therefore, the story Ross gives Haley throws off the whole point of the police going across first.


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Suggested correction: It's simply a story he made up walking back to the diner. It's clear he caused the bridge to collapse and made sure all the vehicles went in.

Doubtful. He was very clear and precise about everything that happened on that bridge. Besides, he explained exactly how he survived, and the plans of his friends landing soon. There were no more secrets at this point. Why make up the bridge story?


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Dark Angel picture

Pilot (2) - S1-E2

Plot hole: In the hoverdrone footage, Peter goes down suddenly during the gunfight, apparently from a wound to either the head or torso. However, there is no wound or blood on him and even his bulletproof vest has no marks except for the normal studs. If he had been hit in an extremity he would not have limply collapsed instantly. Sonrisa's goons are using automatic weapons that should have no trouble hitting him many times from that range of only a few meters. (00:54:00)


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Lost in Space picture

Target: Earth - S3-E16

Plot hole: The Jupiter 2 crew is duplicated; however, the aliens had never seen Penny (or Judy I think). How can they be duplicated? The aliens don't have ability to know who were there, or they wouldn't have questioned Smith about the crew. Also, they do not know Smith and Will are hiding. So, they don't arm to have any special power to know beyond what they actually observe.

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The Changes picture

The Bad Wires - S1-E2

Plot hole: During "the changes" people fear machinery, but the woman who pulls back her curtains to watch Nicky and the sikhs go past is wearing a watch.

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Black Lightning picture

The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi - S2-E6

Plot hole: When announcing the 14 deaths, they make a generic statement to the friends and family of everyone in the pods, without first telling the affected families directly?! There's no way this would be dealt with like that - not least as they all then seem shocked that the parents start a riot/panic about whether their children are dead or not. Anyone with half a brain cell would have seen that coming a mile off. Not to mention that later on we discover one of the parents STILL hasn't been told if his daughter's alive or not. If this was a coverup or otherwise secret they wouldn't have said anything - there's no reason to announce the deaths but not clarify who died.

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Titans picture

Nightwing - S2-E13

Plot hole: Cadmus sets a brain-controlled Connor loose in public, without apparently remotely considering the possibility that anything might go wrong. When he regains control all they've got is a few goons onsite armed with regular ammunition - what did they think that would achieve? They know exactly what he's capable of. Either have kryptonite ammo or don't bother having anyone there at all.

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