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Frasier picture

Space Quest - S1-E2

Audio problem: Just before Frasier opens the door to get his paper, he says "I'll get him for this and his little dog too". However, his mouth moves when he says "I'll get him for this and his...", but his mouth doesn't move when he says "...little dog too". (00:02:40)

Casual Person

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The O.C. picture

The Model Home - S1-E2

Audio problem: At the beginning of the episode we see Kirsten on the phone, in the next shot we see Sandy pick up a towel and look out the window. At this moment you can see Kirsten, and she is still talking on the phone, but her mouth doesn't even move.

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Rome picture

How Titus Pullo Brought Down the Republic - S1-E2

Audio problem: In the scene where Mark Antony and his men are attacked by a mob on their way to the senate forum, Mark Antony says, "Rally to me" three times. The first time he says it, his lips do not move. The third time he says it, the movement of his lips do not match the words.

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Beverly Hills, 90210 picture

Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington (2) - S4-E32

Audio problem: During the scene where David and Babyface are talking and Babyface asks David to fill in as one of the keyboardists for his carnival show, the camera shots going back and forth from both behind David and Babyface show them speaking, but it is very clear their words don't match their lip movements.

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X-Men: Evolution picture

The HeX Factor - S2-E15

Audio problem: In the scene where Mystique returns to the Brotherhood house, when Pietro says that their team is as tough as ever, it's Lance's voice that comes out of his mouth.


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Little House on the Prairie picture

The Campout - S2-E5

Audio problem: When Laura and Nellie are on the branch going down the rapids they can be heard talking, but their mouths either don't match with what they are saying or don't move at all.

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Bonanza picture

The Dark Gate - S2-E24

Audio problem: Apparently there was a problem with the sound recording during a scene of Ben Cartwright speaking to his son Adam while standing by the chuck wagon. One of Ben's lines was dubbed in by someone else whose voice was higher-pitched and less gruff than that of actor Lorne Greene.

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Martin picture

Show generally

Audio problem: Whenever Officer Warren goes out the Payne's front door we hear a sound as if he hits his head on the frame, He even reacts as if he did, But if you look you can see that his head does not come near the door frame.

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The Waltons picture

The Unthinkable - S8-E15

Audio problem: While Ted and Jason are slopping pigs at the pen, Ted asks, "They really eat this garbage?" then as Ted pours the bucket contents we hear Ted exclaim, "They really eat this garbage!" but his mouth appears to say, "They really eat this crap!" (00:18:35)

Super Grover Premium member

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Mr. Sunshine picture

Episode #1.2 - S1-E2

Audio problem: When Dong-mae and his men leave after searching the house, Su-mi is still holding onto the baby after leaving. The baby is heard crying, but there is a brief moment where she shakes her to calm him down, and we can see the baby's eyes when she does so. In the brief instance where we see the baby's eyes, she does not appear to be crying, indicating that the crying sounds were dubbed in afterwards. (00:45:05)

Casual Person

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Roswell picture

The White Room (1) - S1-E21

Audio problem: After Nasedo reveals himself in the morgue, there is a shot on Michael's face. There is no sound, but Nasedo can be seen in the foreground either talking animatedly or having an extremely localized seizure. (00:23:55)


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Robin Hood picture

Lost in Translation - S3-E3

Audio problem: Near the end Robin's men all push barrels of oil over to to create a wall of fire, trapping the Sheriff and his guards inside the castle. When Robin picks up the flaming arrow he shoots it at the oil where it sticks firmly in the ground, but if you listen closely when the arrow hits the floor there is the sound of the arrow bouncing against stone - it couldn't make that noise if it hit the ground directly and stuck there.

Professor Lazarus

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