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Hannah Montana picture

Trivia: The title of every episode is a reference to a song. For example, "Everybody was Best Friend Fighting" refers to "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting" and so forth.

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The Partridge Family picture

Trivia: In episode 80, "Double Trouble", Johanna is played by Cheryl Stoppelmoor - who is today known as Cheryl Ladd.

Jeff Swanson
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The Monkees picture

The Son Of A Gypsy - S1-E16

Trivia: The guy who Micky speaks to at the party is in fact James Frawley (the director of the episode).

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Monty Python's Flying Circus picture

Trivia: The band "Toad the Wet Sprocket" took their name from a sketch on this show.

Grumpy Scot
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Ally McBeal picture

Trivia: Elaine, played by Jane Krakowski, played cousin Vicky in the first "Vacation" movie - her first onscreen appearance.

William Bergquist
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Instant Star picture

Season 2 generally

Trivia: In season 2, episode 2, Jude dyes her red hair blonde. In actual fact, Alexz Johnson, who plays Jude, is naturally blonde.

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Aggretsuko picture

Trivia: Washimi is one of the secretaries of the company. As a play on this, the species of bird she is is a secretary bird.

Quantom X Premium member
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Degrassi: The Next Generation picture

Trivia: Adam is the first scripted trans-gender teen character in television history (not including documentaries or one-time guest roles).

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Victorious picture

Wi-Fi in the Sky - S1-E9

Trivia: Tori is on her laptop in the plane while sitting next to Trina. When she goes onto her video chat profile, there is a list of usernames of people online. One name is DanWarp, which is the website name of the show's creator, Dan Schneider.

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