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Monty Python's Flying Circus picture

Njorl's Saga - S3-E1

Audio problem: In the 'PC Pan-Am Gives Evidence' sequence (part of Series 3, Show 1), there is a loud, off-camera crash at 16'15", followed by hysterical audience laughter and a Palin visibly trying to stifle a laugh. This is because the heavily-bandaged 'Njorl', who had been replaced at that point by a dummy (enabling his head to be removed in the next scene), fell backwards off the podium, and had to be re-positioned by the crew. Filming presumably stopped, as a cutaway of Njorl appears in the middle of Pan-Am's address. The edit is also very audible, as Palin's speech suddenly plummets in volume.

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Victorious picture

Tori the Zombie - S1-E6

Audio problem: When Tori is on the stage singing, Robbie walks up to Tori and says "I deserve it!" When he says "ow!" his lips don't match.

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Lazytown picture

Show generally

Audio problem: At the start of the cake song, the line "I'll pile on the candy" was changed to "I'll pile on the sweets" for the UK. However, Ziggy still moves his lips to the word 'candy' when he was saying 'sweets'.

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The Partridge Family picture

This is My Song - S1-E11

Audio problem: In the final song, "This is What It's Like to Be Lovers", the lead male studio singer starts the song, not David Cassidy, then they switch to David Cassidy's real voice halfway through for just two lines, then they switch back to the male voice of the studio singer.

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