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The Vampire Diaries picture

Season 4 generally

Stupidity: Damon and Stefan are trying to get Elena's humanity back - they could have just asked Rebekkah or Klaus or Elijah to compel her to turn it on.

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The X-Files picture

Soft Light - S2-E23

Stupidity: After Mulder requests a fingerprint check on light bulb, Scully wipes it down with a napkin, removing any such evidence with no possible useful outcome. (00:06:00)

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Santa Clarita Diet picture

The Farting Sex Tourist - S1-E4

Stupidity: Joel finds prints in Serbian and is stressed because they'll never find someone to translate Serbian in Santa Clarita, goes to great lengths to interact with the principal's Serbian grandmother, etc. Google translate can understand Serbian just fine, but this doesn't even occur to him.

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The Twilight Zone picture

Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up - S2-E28

Stupidity: The whole plot is based upon 6 people not being able to spot the seventh (odd man out). We can eliminate the couples, the driver remembers the pretty blond getting on the bus and the crazy old guy would stick in anybodies memory, so it leaves only the sour old guy in the coat and hat as the martian.Also all the troopers has to do was ask for IDs which they do but quit after they ask the crazy old guy for his.

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True Blood picture

It Hurts Me Too - S3-E3

Stupidity: When Franklin and Tara are hooking up at the motel, it appears that sunlight is shining through the windows. Franklin is unaffected.

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American Horror Story picture

Camp Redwood - S9-E1

Stupidity: Brooke leaves her apartment window open as she sleeps, even after telling her friends that serial killers (like The Night Stalker) strike during the summer when everybody leaves their windows open.

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Haven picture

Who, What, Where, Wendigo? - S2-E10

Stupidity: Dwight, Audrey, and Nathan all know Dwight's trouble is that all bullets are attracted to him, so why is he with them when they go looking for the killer, knowing every one is using a gun?

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NOS4A2 picture

Sleigh House - S1-E9

Stupidity: Smoke and flames travel up. Why then did Vic attempt and eventually escape by going up the laundry chute? Seems that exit would have been filled with smoke and soon after fire.

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Suggested correction: True, but Vic had no other way to escape as she was surrounded by flames and all exits were blocked by fire. The laundry chute was the only logical way to try an escape from the inferno, desperate as it may be.

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