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Perception picture

Caleidoscope - S2-E4

Character mistake: The chess set in Dr. Pierce's home office is set up incorrectly. When the men are set up properly, each player has a light colored square in the right-hand corner. The board as it appears in the show is set up so that the light-colored square is in each player's left-hand corner. This "beginner" mistake puts the king and queen in the wrong positions.

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The Wire picture

Unto Others - S4-E7

Character mistake: When Cutty quits the truant officer job and walks out of the office, he runs into his old girl from way back. She calls him David instead of Dennis. (00:51:00)

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Suggested correction: This is an obvious reference to the Tango scene in "True Lies."


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Lost picture

Show generally

Character mistake: Throughout the whole series Jin and Sun refer to each other as "yobo." The subtitles continually translate "yobo" as either "Jin" or "Sun" which is incorrect. "Yobo" is Korea's version of "dear" or "sweetheart."


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Suggested correction: In this episode Allison is the head of GD. Yes, Fargo is the head of GD in this timeline but transferred the title "temporarily" to Allison so that he can go on the Titan mission.

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Life on Mars picture

Show generally

Character mistake: When Hunt was interviewing Rocket, he asked him who killed the "P*ki". At the time, the Asian man who had been shot was still alive in hospital, only to die later in that episode.

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Show generally

Character mistake: When the boy is brought to camp that was shot, the Corpsman repeatedly states "he's been zipped by 5.56, Marines shot this boy." It was then assumed that Trombley shot the boy with his M240 SAW. The M240 SAW is chambered in 7.62 x 51mm. Either the Corpsman is incorrect or Trombley didn't shoot the boy.

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Suggested correction: The weapon Trombley uses is a M249 SAW, which is chambered in 5.56mm.

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XXXV - S4-E7

Character mistake: When Billy Bones gives himself in to the redcoats, he states he is Long John Silver. In one of the next cuts, he talks about Silver in third person. The governor shows no shock and they keep talking as if Billy Bones had said at the start of the conversation who he truly was. Then he instructs the governor on how to take on "himself" and Flint.

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Show generally

Character mistake: In the 7/19/19 episode, Rafe tells Gabi that, even if she can open the briefcase she stole from Xander, nothing she finds would be admissible in court as evidence, because it is "fruit of the poisonous tree." Rafe is a police officer, but he's wrong about this. The exclusionary rule only applies to searches by police. If a private citizen obtains evidence illegally, such as by trespassing or theft, it actually is generally admissible in court, although the citizen may be subject to prosecution for the illegal action.

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Swag - S1-E11

Character mistake: When Betty and Daniel takes Oshie to the White Tassel, as they are walking in, Daniel asks Betty if she is sure that they do not have anything over $5, Betty smiles and agrees. However, when there is an establishing shot of the restaurant, it states in the window that there is something for $9.99.

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Chicago Fire picture

No Such Thing as Bad Luck - S7-E18

Character mistake: At the formal awards ceremony for Cruz the Police officers and Cruz are in dress uniform with their covers on. Serveride joins them on stage in uniform without his cover on and salutes Cruz. Serveride should have known to have on his cover for the ceremony. (00:58:00)


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Spooks picture

Episode #4.4 - S4-E4

Character mistake: A computer screen giving details of the villain of the week contains various spelling and grammatical errors: "Embassey", "Assination" and "Assination of with".


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