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The Triangle picture

Show generally

Character mistake: Patterson - the oceanographer - at one point claims that Lithuania is land-locked. She should know better; in fact, Lithuania has a coastline of close to 100 km on the Baltic Sea.

Andrew Perry

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Stargate: Atlantis picture

Epiphany - S2-E12

Character mistake: Rodney says that one hour in real time would give them months inside the field. This is incorrect because if the ratio of time were 1:250 as stated before, one hour would only convert to 250 hours, which is 10 days and 10 hours.


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The Borgias picture

The Moor - S1-E3

Character mistake: In the tent Djem reaches for food with his left hand. Totally a big no-no in the Arab and many other cultures! He would never lean on his right and leave his left arm - his unclean hand free.

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Casualty picture

There's No Place Like Home - S28-E16

Character mistake: The old photo of Sylvia and her friend shows them in RAF uniform. Sam, who is a serving British Army officer and could be expected to recognise the very obvious differences between the uniforms, keeps referring to Sylvia being in the Army and Sylvia does not disagree with her.


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24: Live Another Day picture

9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. - S1-E11

Character mistake: When Jack and Kate are in the car discussing the fact that the Russian agents found him because of Mark Boudreau, Kate wrongly refers to him as Martin Boudreau.

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Mission: Impossible picture

The Bank - S2-E4

Character mistake: The 'perfect' German postcard Rollin has written is full of mistakes: 1) The 'sie' must have a capital 'S' because it's a personal pronoun; 2) The only sentence stops in the middle and makes no sense; 3) The word 'Besten' has to be written without a capital because it's not a noun; 4) In Germany the house number stands after the street name, not before; 5) The streetname makes no sense. Too many mistakes for a so-called 'perfect' card. (00:04:40)

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Inspector George Gently picture

Gently with the Women - S7-E1

Character mistake: The registration number of Alan Salt's car is HUA222B, but when Rachel is on the phone asking an officer to look up the car's registered owner she gives the registration number as B222HUA.

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Band of Brothers picture

Currahee - S1-E1

Character mistake: In the scene where Captain Sobel is inspecting the soldiers at the beginning of the episode, he goes up to Sergeant Lipton and notices something wrong with his chevrons. Well, in that part, Sergeant Lipton is not standing correctly in the position of attention because he is sort of slouching and his head is in front of his shoulders and the correct position of attention is standing straight up and having your neck behind your shoulders. If he was in the real army, he would have gotten a punishment for not standing at the correct position of attention. (00:09:30)

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Degrassi: The Next Generation picture Video

With or Without You - S8-E6

Character mistake: When Sav asks Ali if she wants people to think she's not good enough for their family, Ali accidentally calls Sav "Ray" when she responds: "Yes, Ray, that's exactly what I want." Raymond "Ray" Ablack is the name of the actor who plays Sav. (00:17:31)


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Alias picture

Show generally

Character mistake: In season 4 episode 13, "Tuesday," when Marshall is meeting with Ulrich, he is both able to understand and reply in German. In season 5 episode 15, "No Hard Feelings," Marshall almost misses the opportunity to change the street light from red to green, because the text is all in German. Jack has to tell Marshall which word is green, indicating that Marshall does not understand the German language.


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Fringe picture

What Lies Below - S2-E13

Character mistake: When Walter is saying his father was a scientific pioneer at the university of Berlin, Peter reacts by saying: "Yeah, I know. Who came here in 1933, which is long before the Nazi's ever took power." In fact it is EXACTLY when the Nazi's took power: 30 January 1933. (00:19:00)


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Suggested correction: So the character knew they were supposed to say "cavalry" instead of "calvary"? For all we know, that person was pronouncing it wrong their entire life, along with many other people in the world who do not know the difference between the two words.


Both characters used the word "calvary." Clearly a mistake.

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Third Watch picture

Show generally

Character mistake: In the final episode, Carlos visits Doc in the psychiatric hospital for advice concerning his upcoming marriage to Holly. While talking, Carlos refers to Doc's deceased wife as "Linda", while throughout the series, it has been made very clear that her name was Deborah.

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Absolute Candor - S1-E4

Character mistake: Dr. Agnes Jurati, one of the Federation leading scientists, is bored during the hyperspace travel, and so she chats a bit with the captain. While she gives her quirky speech, she casually mentions that "there are over 3 billion stars in our galaxy." She's not wrong, technically, but the number of stars in our galaxy is estimated between 100 and 400 billion. She is way off. (00:08:40)

Sammo Premium member

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Suggested correction: Two things. You state that she's not wrong, which she isn't. The fact that she chose an odd turn of phrase doesn't make it a mistake. Plus, you reference the number of 'galaxies' in our galaxy but I am guessing this is just a typo.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Oh duh, yes. It's absolutely a typo, I'll see that it's fixed. And well, 'not technically wrong' was just me being cheeky. You know that making a statement off by 100 times would be classified as a mistake in any situation.

Sammo Premium member

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The Outer Limits picture

Soldier - S2-E1

Character mistake: Dr. Kagan, who's a scientist and should definitely know better, points to Earth's solar system on the chart and calls it "our galaxy." This is roughly the equivalent of mistaking a dot this size [.] for the entirety of North America. (00:23:30)

Jean G

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Something in the Rain picture Something in the Rain mistake picture

Episode #1.15 - S1-E15

Character mistake: The invitation for the wedding comes with a calendar for the month of April, with the date of the wedding circled. There are 31 days shown on the calendar, but there are only 30 days in April. (01:12:42)

Casual Person

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Resurrection picture

Old Scars - S2-E4

Character mistake: At the end of the scene in the grocery store when Rachel collapses and people run to her aid, the camera pans out to reveal a sign that prominently reveals a sale on "Pop Tards" or possibly "Pop Taros."

Michael Albert

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