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Show generally

Character mistake: Series 1, Episode 3: When Alex tells Ray she will re-trace his steps for clues linking to the murder of a girl, he says, "Don't worry, lads! Wonder Woman's here!" Alex replies, "FYI DI Carling." Ray is a DS, not a DI.


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Nobody Knows Anything - S1-E11

Character mistake: When Tony tells Dr. Melfi he feels as though a safe might fall on his head, she replies, "a feeling of pending doom." A woman of her intellect and education should know the proper word is "impending." "Pending" means something awaiting a conclusion. "Impending" means about to occur.


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Orca Shrugged - S5-E5

Character mistake: Tig gets bit on the right butt cheek. Tara tells Chibs to give him a local, which is a numbing injection so she can stitch him up. Problem is that Chibs does the injection in the left butt cheek. You are supposed to give the injection close to the wound to numb it before stitches.

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Written in the Stars - S5-E3

Character mistake: This mistake happens in the town meeting scene. They are talking about the two business owners that dated, then moved when it ended badly. It hurt the town's economy. First it was said that Faye sold flowers and the guy sold candy. Then they said that Faye sold candy.

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The Way of the Warrior (2) - S4-E2

Character mistake: During the Defiant's flight to save the Cardassian officials, Worf says something to the effect of, "I've never been aboard a Federation ship equipped with a cloak before". However, he was aboard the Enterprise during the Pegasus incident, where The Ship was temporarily equipped with a cloaking device.

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Season 2 generally

Character mistake: Marissa said to Ryan (in episode "The Brothers Grim") that the last time she was in Chino, she "saved his ass". She was referring to Thanksgiving, but that's not the last time she was in Chino. The last time she was in Chino was in "The Nana" when she ran there after finding out about Luke and her mother's affair.

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Suggested correction: She saved his ass when she talked to Eddie about letting him stay. So her phrasing is correct.

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End Run - S3-E3

Character mistake: Near the end, when Michael reveals to Brennen he knows everything about him, he says, "I know everything about Tyler Brennen." Michael emphasizes "Tyler" as if it's a big deal that he knows Brennen's first name. Michael already knew Brennen's first name from the first time he met him, in Season 2, Episode 15 "Sins of Omission."

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Old Wounds - S1-E1

Character mistake: After Mercer's speech to the entire crew he dismisses everyone except for the senior staff but everyone, including the senior staff, starts walking away as if they were dismissed as well.

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Suggested correction: They were walking away, but not as if they were dismissed. The group of senior officers and Mercer are in a completely different part of the room (or possible an entirely different room). Notice the doorway where Mercer is standing. At the beginning, he's in the doorway and it has a white boarder and a 2nd set of doors. Then he's standing in front of a doorway with a blue boarder and no 2nd set of doors.


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Hard Landing - S1-E15

Character mistake: The Captain mentions that the guards were killed in the robbery, but the guards were tazed and hit (with the door and the other was punched), not killed. The companion thieves were killed by Griffin though. "Perp steals 75million, kills 2 guards..." No he didn't. (00:16:01)

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Supersnout - S2-E3

Character mistake: When Stickley is on the phone to Regan he tells him that the robbers will be in a Bedford van but they are in a Ford Transit van.

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The Big Blow - S3-E21

Character mistake: The party is supposed to be "One of the premiere social events of the season", but the only people invited (Higgins knows for sure who is gonna come, so it's not like there's low attendance because of the weather) are a Prince from a fictional European state nobody knows about with his commoner wife, the editor of a poetry magazine that needs Robin's funds to survive, a sports star and Robin's accountant. 5 people in total, already all in Robin's pocket, and nobody else in attendance. While you could say that having royalty and a golden glove winner is certainly noteworthy, those people don't meet anyone else. Hardly a 'social event'. (00:04:00)

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Show generally

Character mistake: 27/1/15 Max tells his two daughters to get in his car to go to Emma's funeral. Max's car is a Mercedes SLK which is only a two seater, and therefore wouldn't seat three people.

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