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I Will Repay - S1-E10

Character mistake: Nick asks Janette if she's ever turned anyone else into a vampire - an odd question, considering the fact that he already knows she has. He was there when she brought the baroness across in the 18th Century flashback sequence for "If Looks Could Kill." It's even odder that Janette tells him she's never done it, since she knows that Nick knows she has. Apparently, the only one not in the know here was the scriptwriter.

Jean G

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Crossing Jordan picture

Four Fathers - S1-E14

Character mistake: Mahershala said the child found in the cement had "osteoportrosis", instead of osteoporosis. Then the grief counselor repeated the same incorrect word.

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Oral Contracts - S4-E8

Character mistake: Lorraine mistakenly tells Denny to "call 999" instead of 911, and when asked about it by Katie, denies having ever spent time in the UK (later revealed to be a lie). But this isn't some high-pressure slip of the tongue, she's highly intelligent and has been in America for a decent length of time, is working hard to maintain her facade of being born and bred American, so there's no way she'd slip up over such an obvious thing.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Show generally

Character mistake: Season 2, Episode 27 'Pussycat Galore' : Maxwell translates his famous line "And loving it' into the German 'Und damit gefreut'. Agent 99 who claims to speak German fluently confirms it. This translation is both far away from the meaning and doesn't make any sense at all. The right translation is 'Und liebe es'. (00:09:50)

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FBI (2018)

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Compromised - S1-E9

Character mistake: When she and OA meet Marshal Ackerman, Maggie is somewhat surprised to learn Damon Cruz was a federal witness. As a federal agent herself, Maggie surely would know that the Marshals Service's mandate includes the witness protection program.

Cubs Fan

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Murder at Midterm - S7-E4

Character mistake: Dr. Sloan and Quinn are in the victim's apartment. Right before Dr. Sloan opens the door for the old lady witness to ID Quinn, Dr. Sloan says, "saw a man visiting Holly the night before he died." Holly is a woman. Dr. Sloan should have said "she." (00:33:51)

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The Rundown Job - S5-E10

Character mistake: Upon finding the Spanish flu virus missing, Hardison freaks out about it killing 50m people 100 years ago, saying it would be even more deadly today due to the higher population. There's no reason to think so - the death toll in 1918 was massively exacerbated by the aftermath of WWI. Not to mention today we have vaccines, plus most deaths then were actually caused by bacterial pneumonia, which today is easily treated with antibiotics.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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The Singer - S7-E5

Character mistake: Near the end, Matlock says that he can prove who killed KC. The burden of proof lies with the prosecution; as a defense attorney, Matlock doesn't have to prove anything.

Cubs Fan

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