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Curb Your Enthusiasm picture

The Accidental Text on Purpose - S9-E6

Audio problem: When Larry is in the dressing room with Lewis' girlfriend, she is heard saying "No, an accident is tripping...", but in the shot of Larry, she is saying different words than what we are hearing. (00:26:20)

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The Amazing World of Gumball picture

The Robot/The Picnic - S1-E10

Audio problem: In "The Robot", Gumball whimpers while his mouth is open. He whimpers again, and this whimper sounds like the first one, except his mouth is closed.

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The Greatest American Hero picture

Dreams - S2-E17

Audio problem: After Ralph gets the holograph showing Pam and Bill taken hostage, when Ralph makes an embarrassing entrance into the youth crime seminar he quickly impersonates a singing telegram, and his mouth is out of sync as we hear the phone number. (00:37:30)

Super Grover Premium member
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The Monkees picture

The Monkees Get Out More Dirt - S1-E29

Audio problem: When Micky says "Ah, my aunt!", the audio starts half a second before Micky opens his mouth.

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The Kids Are Alright picture

Boxing - S1-E5

Audio problem: The kids are sitting across from an older couple in a diner. The older woman is talking about her husband. The scene cuts to a shot behind the old woman. Her mouth isn't moving but she is talking.

manthabeat Premium member
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Lexx picture

I Worship His Shadow - S1-E1

Audio problem: As the Fore Shadow is charging up its blast each time, when first shown it makes a high pitched shrieking sound as the energy spreads across The Web of cables fanning out from it. However as the battle continues, this sound effect becomes very inconsistent when it plays in correlation to the energy blasts charging up on the ship. (00:02:15 - 00:03:20)

Quantom X Premium member
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The Secret World of Alex Mack picture

The Accident - S1-E1

Audio problem: After school when Alex and Ray are walking the camera is far away but you can see that the sound of the person that is talking is different than who is seen talking.

Bowling255 Premium member
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Veep picture

Oslo - S7-E6

Audio problem: As the governor walks into the office, he says "you think you're hot shit?" and in a shot from slightly behind him we can see a clear profile of him, and his mouth isn't moving.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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The Cleveland Show picture

Brotherly Love - S1-E18

Audio problem: When Kenny begins rapping, you can actually see him open his mouth but nothing's actually coming out. (00:16:05)

Casual Person
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The Munsters picture

Herman, the Master Spy - S2-E2

Audio problem: Eddie urges Grandpa to get going, when he replies, his mouth doesn't match the words.

Movie Nut
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Ellen picture

The Shower Scene - S3-E3

Audio problem: Right at the end after Heather reveals that Ellen taped over the birthing tape with an episode of thirtysomething, someone says "which one" but no one in the crowd moves their lips.

luke f
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Ranma ½ picture

Ranma o gekiai! Shintaisou no sukeban toujou - S1-E11

Audio problem: In the English dub, when Ryoga grabs Ranma by the shirt asking him "Who are you calling P-chan?" and the following answer by Ranma, are not whispered (as they should be, like they are in Japanese, since they wouldn't talk openly about it in front of Akane). (00:09:50)

Sammo Premium member
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I Spy picture

The Barter - S1-E16

Audio problem: When Scott tells the Tokyo police that two kidnappers are locked in the van, we hear his voice, but his lips aren't moving. (00:42:00)

Jean G
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The Goodies picture

Kung Fu Kapers AKA Ecky-Thump - S5-E7

Audio problem: When Graham says "Struth", his lips don't move at all.

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Bottom picture

Accident - S1-E6

Audio problem: When Richie and Eddie are trying to put Richie's leg back to the right direction, the clicking sound of bones breaking carries on even when neither of them are touching the leg.

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Police Squad! picture

The Butler Did It (A Bird in the Hand) - S1-E3

Audio problem: In the first scene, we see a quartet led by a sax player. The music we hear, however, is of a trio without sax. This is fixed in the rebroadcast where the song is Satin Doll led by the sax. Additionally, the piano now sounds like an electric to match its look.

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Hangin' with Mr. Cooper picture

Warriors: Part 2 - S1-E7

Audio problem: There are several occasions during the two games between the Warriors and Suns where you can hear referees blowing their whistles, but play doesn't stop.

Phaneron Premium member
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The A-Team picture

The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas - S1-E7

Audio problem: In the motel, Woody Woodpecker's laugh does not match up to the motion on the screen.

Movie Nut
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Northern Exposure picture

Dreams, Schemes and Putting Greens - S1-E4

Audio problem: When Maurice exhales at the end of his sentence as he protests the Japanese businessmen walking out of his house, the sound of his exhale is spliced off mid-way through. (00:38:55)

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Here Come the Double Deckers picture

The Pop Singer - S1-E7

Audio problem: Billie says her line "he needs a new image" without moving her lips.

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