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Grey's Anatomy picture

What Have I Done To Deserve This? - S2-E20

Audio problem: When Alex pages Izzie and she comes outside, he presses her against the wall and then gives her a cupcake. When she takes it she goes "Oooh!" but her mouth is closed.

Hamster Premium member
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Hogan's Heroes picture

LeBeau and the Little Old Lady - S3-E25

Audio problem: After Hogan and company get into the car to go to town to get Lebeau, Klink is walking around to get in the passenger side, Schultz takes off, leaving Klink standing alone. After Klink calls out, you hear the screeching of tires sliding on pavement. Trouble is, the camp doesn't have any pavement.

Movie Nut
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Step By Step picture

Hog Wild - S3-E7

Audio problem: When Cody is playing the blues on his guitar, he is shown to be fretting the higher pitched strings while playing the lower strings open. However only low notes are heard and at least three different chords are heard, which would not be possible if he was playing the strings open.

Phaneron Premium member
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My Name Is Earl picture

Monkeys Take a Bath - S4-E2

Audio problem: In the shot where Randy throws the glass of beer at the wall behind him in the Crab Shack, his mother's mouth is not synced with the audio that she is speaking: the audio was continued from another shot, and in this one, she is saying different words. (00:12:00)

Hemech Rostovsky
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The Lone Gunmen picture

The Lying Game - S1-E11

Audio problem: After Frohike says "There must be a file dated the day of Jeff's murder", his lips are still moving but no sound is coming out. (00:15:15)

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Kenan & Kel picture

Show generally

Audio problem: The Raffle: When Kel breaks the TV, the sound is a very clear overdub to make it clear the TV is broken. (00:08:15)

Ssiscool Premium member
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Martin picture

Show generally

Audio problem: Whenever Officer Warren goes out the Payne's front door we hear a sound as if he hits his head on the frame, He even reacts as if he did, But if you look you can see that his head does not come near the door frame.

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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius picture

Show generally

Audio problem: In the episode where the Wheezers obtain super powers, at the end of the episode, they are all singing their "Sitting and Singing" song surrounding the flaming duck. When the camera cuts to Carl putting his glasses on, the song can still be heard, but everyone's mouth just keeps saying "Standing, and standing, and standing," even though there are more words heard than just that.

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Lazytown picture

Show generally

Audio problem: At the start of the cake song, the line "I'll pile on the candy" was changed to "I'll pile on the sweets" for the UK. However, Ziggy still moves his lips to the word 'candy' when he was saying 'sweets'.

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Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! picture

Never Ape and Ape Man - S1-E7

Audio problem: Shaggy and Scooby are walking around trying to find the Ape Man to lure him into the trap. There is a sound and Shaggy says "What's that noise?" It cuts to Scooby who is following him who says "RI ron't row." But his mouth does not move at all when he says this. (00:14:15)

Quantom X Premium member
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The Sweeney picture

Jack or Knave - S4-E14

Audio problem: When Carter is searching Jean Jackson's house she asks him if he has a warrant - although the camera isn't on her you can see her reflection in the mirror and you can see that her mouth doesn't open when she is asking Carter this.

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Victorious picture

Tori the Zombie - S1-E6

Audio problem: When Tori is on the stage singing, Robbie walks up to Tori and says "I deserve it!" When he says "ow!" his lips don't match.

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I Love Lucy picture

The Matchmaker - S4-E2

Audio problem: About 6 minutes in, a friend of Fred comes to the door and Ricky answers it. The man says Mr. Cardo instead of Mr. Ricardo, but Ricky says yes anyway.

terry s
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Blossom picture

Blossom Blossoms - S1-E2

Audio problem: The director can be heard saying "Action" at the start of the scene. (00:16:35)

Jeff Swanson
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia picture

Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass - S2-E9

Audio problem: When the Vietnamese man is playing Russian Roulette in the end, a few seconds after picking up the gun, he moves his thumb and we hear the gun cock. However, you can see that he didn't actually cock the gun, as his thumb never came into contact with the hammer while moving, hence the sound was a phantom sound.

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The Muppet Show picture

Bruce Forsyth - S1-E12

Audio problem: In the ballroom sketch when Janice is talking to Zoot, her mouth starts moving before we hear her even say anything.

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Top Gear picture

Show generally

Audio problem: When Jeremy and James are playing I spy, during the Polar Special, just as Jeremy says, "If you say S, I'm going to kill you!" there is a shot from outside the car and you can see that his lips aren't moving.

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Death Battle picture

Ghost Rider VS Lobo (Marvel VS DC) - S6-E10

Audio problem: When Ghost Rider drives up and points at Lobo, he starts speaking. His mouth is moving, but when it cuts to a different angle just before Lobo runs him over, his mouth is now not moving while he's still speaking.

Quantom X Premium member
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Absolutely Fabulous picture

The End - S3-E6

Audio problem: In the scene where Eddy is in the helicopter and shouting down to Patsy who is on the ground, she says something like, "I'll meet you down there!", but you can tell that line was pre-recorded because her mouth moves completely out of line with the words.

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3rd Rock from the Sun picture

Dick and the Other Guy (2) - S3-E23

Audio problem: When Liam is performing karaoke at the end of the episode, his mouth is not even moving for some of the lyrics, and there aren't any vocal tracks on the song, because only the instruments are heard when he abruptly stops singing to admonish the crowd for trying to leave during his performance.

Phaneron Premium member
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