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Two and a Half Men picture

Anteaters. They're Just Crazy-lookin - S4-E23

Audio problem: In the episode with Enrique Iglesias, Charlie comes out to the deck to get his girlfriend and asks, "Isn't there something you could sand?" His lips say, "Isn't there something you could saw?"

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The Fairly OddParents picture

Totally Spaced Out / The Switch Glitch - S2-E8

Audio problem: In Fairly Odd Parents, "Switch Glitch", Vicky forced Timmy to do her chores and homework, and stretched a dress on Timmy. He said "I can't do chores in a dress.". Vicky, however, was recording Timmy's voice on a tape, the "in a dress" part, and played the tape, but the tone of voice for "in a dress." was normal, not angry. Shouldn't it be the same?

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Dexter's Laboratory picture

Ant Pants - S2-E3

Audio problem: The computer's voice says "golf shoes" while the screen says "golf cleates".

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Saved by the Bell picture

Screech's Woman - S1-E5

Audio problem: When Violet is singing in front of the audience at the final Glee Club performance, her voice does not match her lips.

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Phineas and Ferb picture

The Magnificent Few - S1-E10

Audio problem: When Candice falls in the mud when talking to Stacy, she sees Phineas and she says "Hey, Phineas.", and her mouth drops open, but when she says Phineas again her mouth does not move.

logan crews
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Recess picture

The Kid Came Back - S1-E12

Audio problem: After "Peanut Butter Kid" retrieves the baseball Vince hit (presumably all the way to China) Spinelli screams rather loudly. However her lips don't move when she does.

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Porridge picture

A Day Out - S1-E4

Audio problem: The prison minibus has a deisel engine when heard from inside, but when Mr Mackay borrows it to go to the pub it has a petrol engine.

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The Weird Al Show picture

Promises, Promises - S1-E2

Audio problem: After Al tells Rusty that his infomercial products won't help his baseball mitt, Rusty can be seen mouthing Al's lines.

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Lizzie McGuire picture

Pool Party (aka Pilot) - S1-E4

Audio problem: When Lizzie goes into the living room while her Mum is on the phone, she takes the remote control from Matt. We can then hear Matt shouting tales at Mrs. McGuire, but if you watch him his mouth isn't moving at all. (00:12:10)

Hamster Premium member
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Suggested correction: When Lizzie goes into the living room while her Mom is on the phone, she takes the TV remote away from Matt. We can then hear him shouting at Mrs. Mcguire until Lizzie tries to take her hand and place it over his mouth.

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Are You Being Served? picture

Goodbye Mrs. Slocombe - S10-E1

Audio problem: At the end when Capt. Peacock comes onto the floor in his maintenance garb, Mr. Harman points him to a spot on the floor and tells him to mop it up. In the initial shot Harman is indeed telling him, but when the camera cuts to another angle Harman is visible and still talking but his lips aren't moving.

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy picture

Episode 4 - S1-E4

Audio problem: When Deep Thought is describing how he's going to create a new computer, he describes it as "a computer that can calculate the answer to the ultimate question." This is wrong: Deep Thought himself just did that. The new computer is supposed to calculate the question, not the answer.

Moose Premium member
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Friday Night Dinner picture

The Plastic Bag - S6-E2

Audio problem: When Val is smacking Adam's bottom the audio is over dubbed.

Ssiscool Premium member
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Dead Like Me picture

Ashes to Ashes - S2-E11

Audio problem: When Daisy is at the bar (acting), she gives Walter "5 reasons men come to a bar." When she says "Three: They wanna see that they're missing," her lips are not in sync with the words. It's tricky to see because they used a shot with the camera behind her.

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The Powerpuff Girls picture

Monkey See, Doggie Do / Mommy Fearest - S1-E2

Audio problem: In "Mommy Fearest", Ima Goodelady asks the Powerpuff Girls where they are going. Blossom tells her they're fighting crime, Buttercup speaks and then Bubbles adds, "Duh." However, her mouth doesn't move.

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The Odd Couple picture

The New Car - S4-E6

Audio problem: When Felix and Oscar are driving around looking for a parking space, Oscar says "let's sell the car." Felix then begins talking but no audio is heard, then an overdub of him saying "Are you crazy?" which doesn't match his lips.

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The Oblongs picture

Heroine Addict - S1-E5

Audio problem: While Pickles is sniffing the ground, she asks Bob "Did you know vomit tastes bad?" but her lips don't match what she is saying.

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Modern Love picture

Rallying to Keep the Game Alive - S1-E4

Audio problem: When the couple is having dinner there's a shot from behind him saying "but you're right." The movement of his jaw and mouth are totally out of sync.

Sacha Premium member
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What's New, Scooby-Doo? picture

Pompeii and Circumstance - S1-E12

Audio problem: When Daphne takes off in the golf cart after picking up the rest of the gang, it makes the sound of tires on pavement. But they are on the dirt floor of the Coliseum. (00:08:55)

Quantom X Premium member
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The Dukes of Hazzard picture

Luke's Love Story - S1-E7

Audio problem: During the final run to the Boar's Nest, Luke is driving General Lee. There is one final jump, and you hear Bo's rebel yell, but Bo is at the Boar's Nest.

Movie Nut
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Cheers picture

Friends, Romans, Accountants - S1-E7

Audio problem: When Norm goes to leave the bar to plan his toga, a smack sound is heard just as he passes Cliff. There was nothing there that could have made the smack sound. (00:06:30)

Casual Person
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