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Stargate: Atlantis picture

Dr. Rodney McKay: All I know is that she's not who she's pretending to be.
Elizabeth Weir, Ph. D.: And you know this because...?
Dr. Rodney McKay: What, I'm not allowed to have intuition?
Elizabeth Weir, Ph. D.: You? No.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles picture

Rocksteady: Oooh, shiver me timbers.
Bebop: And while you're at it, shiver mine also.

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Defiance picture

Datak Tarr: It's not like I dropped a whore from the St. Louis Arch, now is it?

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure picture

Dio Brando: Kono Dio da... It is I, Dio.

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Over There picture

Vanessa Dunphy: You're an asshole Mr. Howard. Five minutes from now I won't be yelling but you'll still be an asshole.

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Batman picture

The Catwoman: You dismal bird! You and your submarine, Where has it got us now?
The Penguin: Shut up, you feline floozy.

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Xiaolin Showdown picture

Omi: This is most embarrassing.

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Power Rangers Megaforce picture

Narrator: Our world was once a safe and happy place until evil aliens arrived with one plan: to destroy Earth. Gosei, Earth's ancient guardian, awoke and called on a new team of teenagers to fight off this new threat. They are the Power Rangers Megaforce.

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Ben 10 picture

Grandpa Max Tennyson: Being a hero isn't about letting others know you did the right thing, it's about you knowing you did the right thing.
Ben Tennyson: What were you just doing, reading greeting cards back at the Mega Mart?
Grandpa Max Tennyson: Well... yes.

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Rome picture

Cassius: Look now. Look at that.
Marcus Junius Brutus: It is a chair. What of it?
Cassius: A chair? It's a throne.
Marcus Junius Brutus: I believe thrones are generally more decorative. That is decidedly plain, and chair-like.

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Peacemaker picture

It's Cow or Never - S1-E8

Peacemaker: [to Justice League] You're late, you fucking dickheads! [To Aquaman] Go fuck another fish, asshole!
Aquaman: I'm so fucking sick of that rumor.
Flash: It's...not a rumour.
Aquaman: Fuck you, Barry.

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Nash Bridges picture

Harvey Leek: Nash, the most high-tech thing on this computer is the flying toaster screen saver.

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SeaQuest DSV picture

Lucas: Captain, this is a Level One UEO sealed file. Opening it would be illegal.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Why do you think I came to you?
Lucas: Good point.

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Walker, Texas Ranger picture

Ranger Cordell Walker: Sydney, Gage, you're going undercover at the bar. Gage, you're going to be a bartender. Sydney.
Sydney Cooke: I know, I know. Cocktail waitress.

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Iron Fist picture

Harold Meachum: I have no idea what an "iron fist" is. Sounds like a sex toy.

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! picture

Luigi: Hey Mario! You sure you know what you're doing?
Mario Mario: Sure, I'm doing 60 miles an hour.

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