Best thriller movie audio problems of all time

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The Evil Dead picture

Audio problem: When their car is making a sharp turn at the beginning of the film, you can hear the tires screeching. This could only happen if they were on concrete, not on a dirt road. (00:01:15)

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Wasabi picture

Audio problem: When Hubert and Yumi agree that Hubert will tell her if he finds out anything, they shake hands. However the clap sound of their hands grabbing each other isn't entirely in synch. (00:40:00)


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The Fugitive picture

Audio problem: If you listen carefully to the conversation Kimble has with his lawyer, he says "St. Louis" differently in the live version and the police recording, indicating the crew may have used two different recordings.

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Torque picture

Audio problem: When Agent Henderson is talking to Sheriff Barnes, it cuts to the other FBI agent talking on the phone and you can see Agent Henderson in the background and she is asking the Sheriff to explain what a typical homicide is, yet her mouth doesn't move.

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Blade: Trinity picture

Audio problem: When the chief of police arrives at the blood farm he is surprised by Blade and Abigail. He quickly reaches inside his jacket to draw his pistol but Abigail draws her revolver much faster. As she draws there is the unmistakable metallic sound of a revolver being cocked, but when she extends the revolver out in front of her to cover the chief the hammer is down, not cocked. The revolver could be seen in the holster with the hammer down, so she could not have been manually decocking it to make that sound.


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The Omega Code picture

Audio problem: When Dr. Lane is typing at the end of the film, the number and frequency of sounds for the typed characters does not match either the number or the speed the Hebrew characters appearing on the monitor.

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The Hand that Rocks the Cradle picture

Audio problem: When Claire is in the car about to leave hospital, she turns around to tell Emma to put her seat-belt on. Though you hear her say "fasten your seat-belt sweetheart" - her lips aren't moving when you hear "sweetheart".

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Saw (2004)

Saw picture

Audio problem: When Dr. Gordon is dialing 911, we hear one low tone then two higher tones. On touch-tones phones, 1, 4, and 7 are the lowest tones while 3, 6 and 9 are the highest. Gordon would have dialed a 1, 4 or 7 first and then a 3, 6 or 9 twice in succession. Possibly 1-9-9 for Emergency?

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Starship Troopers picture

Audio problem: When the troops are lined up on the fort's wall near the end preparing for the waves of bugs, Lt. Rasczak is walking at a fast pace behind them and shouts something before aiming his gun. Before he aims his gun, he is seen shouting the same thing as he walks past them, but there's no sound coming out of his mouth. (01:29:25)

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Panic Room picture

Audio problem: When Jodie Foster first hears a ring at the front door, Steven says, "The police." and Jodie says, "You called the police?" He responds with, "Of course I did. You scared the s*** out of me." When he says, "You scared the s*** out of me.", his mouth movement does not match what we hear.

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Jaws 2 picture

Audio problem: When the helicopter lands and the teenagers cheer you can hear dialogue from later in the film in the background. Several times you hear "Sean, catch the rope." which they yell later in the movie.

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Wicker Park picture

Audio problem: Luke and Alex are standing outside the restaurant. Close up on Luke as his mouth says, "Are we still going out tonight?" Yet we hear, "Are we still going out tomorrow?"

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Sleepy Hollow picture

Audio problem: Near the end of the movie, when Ichabod gives the horseman his head back, in one shot, the horseman has his sword in one hand, and in the next shot he puts his head on with both hands; yet we do not hear any sound of him either dropping his sword or re-sheathing it.

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Rambo: First Blood picture

Audio problem: When Rambo rides the motorcycle down the sidewalk he's shouting at the pedestrians to look out. The movements of his mouth don't match what you hear him say. Originally Rambo was swearing but this was changed.

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1984 picture

Audio problem: When Winston says "Bugger." at the start of the film when he has the cigarette in his mouth, his lips are most definitely not in sync with the word. And it even sounds dubbed over.


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Club Dread picture

Audio problem: When Pete is coming down the steps at the indoor beach party, you hear the DJ say a few words, but if you notice, his lips don't move, nor does he look up, and he keeps spinning the record.

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The Long Kiss Goodnight picture

Audio problem: When Charlie is driving the truck, you see her press the brake, but you hear the engine rev.

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Final Destination 2 picture

Audio problem: When the lottery winner is in his apartment he actually puts his hi-fi into "standby" mode when the music starts. You can tell this because the red standby light comes on at the same time as the blue display goes off.

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The Spy Who Loved Me picture

Audio problem: After Bond sets the timer on the bomb at the end, the ticks don't add up. There's a definite tick each second, and you can count 12 of them after he starts it, then we cut back to the bomb and only 7 seconds have passed. (As a vague trivia aside, coincidence though it is, on the UK DVD he pulls the pin out at the DVD second timer ticks onto "07").

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Robocop 2 picture

Audio problem: Near the end, just as Robocop2 has locked onto Robocop, Lewis holds up a container of nuke, she starts to say something, but the editor decided to cut that bit out and move on.

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