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Pop Goes the Easel picture

Revealing mistake: The same clip of Curly getting hit on the top of the head with a lump of clay is shown twice during the clay fight.

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Mater and the Ghostlight picture

Revealing mistake: Right after McQueen asks what the Ghostlight is, it cuts back to the other cars. Luigi is right next to the firetruck and some gas pumps. The firetruck's door is very reflective, and the gas pumps are visible in it. But Luigi is right by the pump, and he is not reflected in the firetruck's door. (00:02:10)

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A Bout with a Trout picture

Revealing mistake: As Lulu is pulling her fishing pole out of the school steps, you see if you watch closely that the pole actually passes through the concrete of the steps rather than her lifting it over. (00:02:00)

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A Charlie Brown Christmas picture

Revealing mistake: When Charlie Brown stops to watch Snoopy sitting atop the doghouse, eating dog bones, the pile of bones never goes down even though Snoopy takes from the pile three times. (00:03:25)

Professor Zed
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Kitty Kornered picture

Revealing mistake: When Sylvester is on the run from Porky, he dives under the bed, but the cels of him diving were placed over the bed, so that he appears to dive on top of the bed and disappear.

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The Grey Hounded Hare picture

Revealing mistake: When the dog picks up the stick of dynamite, you can see the stick is not lit, yet it still manages to blow up.

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Salt Water Tabby picture

Revealing mistake: When Jerry walks towards the crab with the soda bottle cap stuck on his head, one of the crab's legs disappears for a frame or two.

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A Pest in the House picture

Revealing mistake: When the businessman rushes back into his bed after closing the window that Daffy opened, he is wearing his normal trousers.

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Claws in the Lease picture

Revealing mistake: When the lady throws Sylvester through the window, you can see there is a bump on Sylvester's head before he hits the tree.

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The Music Box picture

Revealing mistake: When Stan falls off the balcony and into the fountain when throwing Oliver's bowler hat back at him, you can see water marks on the walls caused by splashes from previous takes.

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Busy Bodies picture

Revealing mistake: In an overhead view of Oliver Hardy going down the sawdust chute, you can see it is a stunt double.

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The Little Cars in the Great Race picture

Revealing mistake: When Cruise and Lugnut are driving home after talking with Mr. V8 and Coupe, much of the scene is a shot of the two of them talking with each other and occasionally in the scene, the shot will cut to a closer angle of the two, with the shot focusing on either Cruise or Lugnut. Whenever the shot is on the closer angle, the resolution of the animation becomes blurrier. This could be because the closer angles are merely the same shot of the two, just zoomed in more, which would cause the resolution to decrease. (00:04:25)

Casual Person
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Revealing mistake: When Junior Bear is spinning Pa Bear in the air with his legs, you can see Junior's head detach momentarily.

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Revealing mistake: When the old lady falls off her chair, you can see the wire pulling her off. (00:03:35)

Low Cow
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Show Biz Bugs picture

Revealing mistake: When Bugs is applauding with the audience after Daffy has blown himself up, his tail disappears for a second.

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Bugs Bunny's Christmas Carol picture

Revealing mistake: When the ghost (Bugs Bunny) tells Scrooge that he is going to take him to "the man in the red suit", the ghost puts his arms up but the shadow does not.

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Meet the Engineer mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the Level 3 Sentry is firing up into the air for no apparent reason, it fires some rockets with a clear defined smoke trail behind them and disappear off screen. Then the shot jump cuts to further away and suddenly the smoke appears again, but the end of the smoke trails are solid and crisp indicating the animators used the smoke animation as if the rockets had just been fired from that spot... in the middle of the sky. (00:01:10)

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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown picture

Revealing mistake: At the Halloween Party, a girl with a green dress says to Charlie Brown, "Charlie Brown, you'll have to model for us." When she says this, she suddenly grows a third hand, then she has two hands again a little later.

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The Fifth-Column Mouse picture

Revealing mistake: When the mice are feeding the cat, the cat sits up and a mouse passes through his head.

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The Old Grey Hare picture

Revealing mistake: When Bugs Bunny is walking away from Elmer Fudd, you can see a futuristic building in the background that keeps disappearing repeatedly when it reaches the end of the frame.

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