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August Rush picture

Plot hole: When Mr. Jeffries finds out that Evan is named August Rush too, he goes to the Central Park concert and sees Evan onstage, however he couldn't know that Evan was having a concert, or even that Evan was at that place at that time.

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Suggested correction: There were streetlight banners all over Central Park with August Rush's name on them (and presumably the Philharmonic had flyers and other ads with August's name on them). So it's certainly conceivable that Jeffries recognized the name from an advertisement.


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Forrest Gump picture

Plot hole: When Forrest finds out he is receiving the Medal of Honor, he is addressed as PFC Gump (Private First Class, E3). "Two weeks later", he leaves Vietnam, and is then shown receiving the medal from President Johnson. In this scene, he is wearing Sergeant's stripes (E5). There is no indication or mention of him receiving a promotion, let alone two. (01:02:10 - 01:03:05)

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Airplane II: The Sequel picture

Plot hole: When Eliane tells the bomber that he should really put his briefcase in the overhead compartment, there are no overhead compartments in the shuttle to be seen.


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Logan's Run picture

Plot hole: In one of the late scenes Logan is interrogated by the mainframe computer, and is guarded by two other sandmen. No one in the city is allowed to be over thirty years of age, yet the guards are at least in their late 30s or early 40s.

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Suggested correction: How do we know how old they are? Just because someone may look like they're in their 40s doesn't mean they are. I have several friends and coworkers who look older than their actual age.

I also thought the guards looked old. Yes, maybe they were 29 but since they had a minimal role, it wouldn't have been difficult to go with actors that actually looked like they were in their 20s.

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The Little Mermaid picture

Plot hole: Eric's large solid stone statue pops-out of nowhere, which is totally ludicrous.

Sacha Premium member

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Bright Leaf picture

Plot hole: When major Singleton challenges Brant Royle to a duel with single shot pitons, he fires one pistol, and leaves the other pistol on the bar. He then goes into his carriage and shoots himself. He only has the pistol that has already been fired.


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Hollywood Ending picture

Plot hole: Val doesn't face the speakers like any blind person. Anyone could recognize the direction of the speaker with his eyes closed.


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Bronco Billy picture

Plot hole: Antoinette Lilly makes headlines as being murdered and her husband is charged and sent to a criminal asylum...despite the fact that no body has been found and no one has even bothered to go to the hotel or town she was last at to investigate whether or not she's alive or dead. Not believable.

Gavin Jackson

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Suggested correction: John was framed by Antoinette's step-mother (who stood to gain Antoinette's inheritance). People have been arrested for murder without a body being discovered first though. Additionally, we find out that the lawyer who helped framed John also paid him to confess to the crime and admitted to being mentally unstable. So nobody was even trying to look for Antoinette.


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The Silver Chalice picture

Plot hole: Helena is ordered to fly or be thrown off the tower, bearing the brunt for Simon's failure. But the flying apparatus is still up there, and so is her servant who was going to secretly operate it so that Simon could pretend to fly around. All she needs is right there in front of her. She's supposed to be cunning and resourceful, and she could have saved her life simply by following the original plan.

Spiny Norman

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The Bounty Hunter picture

Plot hole: Milo and Nicole go to the club and ask for John. After failing to convince the woman that he works in the senate for Kansas, the woman looks at him and calls him 'Senator' but calls Nicole 'Mrs Boyd'. There was no mention any of their names (even though Milo's surname is Boyd). If the woman calls Nicole Mrs Boyd, she surely must know Milo and that Nicole was his wife.


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Suggested correction: The scene starts with the membership director telling them the club is closed for a private event, so we don't see them enter and what they say to her. They obviously cut straight to this part to cut out time. But Milo and Nicole would have given her their names so she could check to see if they're members or on the list.


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Green Card picture

Plot hole: Georges repeatedly tells immigration officers about his Africa trips. This overlooks that fact that INS would have or request a copy of his passport to process his case. In real life, INS would have realised immediately that the Africa story was not real: no entry/departure stamps in his passport.

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Sneakers picture

Plot hole: After all those years the statute of limitation would have run out, so he couldn't go to prison for the crime that he committed in his college student years, so couldn't be blackmailed with that threat.

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Suggested correction: He had an arrest warrant against him and he was a fugitive. He was being sought under 18 USC 1073 (Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution). And under 18 USC 3290 "No statute of limitations shall extend to any person fleeing from justice."


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Near Dark picture

Plot hole: In the morning at the motel, the vampires have a big shoot-out with local law enforcement, which results in one at least one cop being killed. But when they escape, the police don't bother pursuing them or even giving them a another thought. Even for an 80's film, this is beyond ludicrous.

Gavin Jackson

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Flirting with Flamenco picture

Plot hole: The contest happens on July 16th 2005. Karen appears on a magazine cover as the successful new manager in the September 2005 issue, which is really a bit too fast considering in barely a month Bowker's wife would have had to divorce him, sell the company and reduce him as the homeless bum shown, on top of Karen actually taking over.

Sammo Premium member

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Legal Eagles picture

Plot hole: Chelsea says that when her deceased father gave her one of his paintings (now missing), he wrote an inscription to her on the back. She says she cannot prove that he actually did this other than he noted it in his journal and she does not know where the journal is. However, when Chelsea's father presented the painting to her on her 8th birthday, there were at least 100 adults present at her party who witnessed him giving her the painting, writing the inscription, and signing his name on the back of the canvas which was displayed to the guests. Any number of these people could be contacted and corroborate her claim.

raywest Premium member

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Suggested correction: He was rich and famous, they had no problem finding information about him online, so could have found a suitable photo online (photoshopping it if needed).


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Deliver Us From Eva picture

Plot hole: The entire plot of the movie is to break Eva's heart because she is meddling and difficult to deal with. The problem is, wouldn't breaking her heart make her even more so?


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The Importance of Being Earnest picture

Plot hole: When Miss Prism meets Dr. Chasuble in the vestry, he says he has "a double baptism" later in the afternoon, yet this happens before Jack and Algy ask Dr. Chasuble to baptize them.

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Surviving Christmas picture

Plot hole: Near the end of the film it's revealed that Drew grew up poor with only his mother, who had to work double shifts to survive. So how did they afford that huge house? Even the Valcos are supposed to be struggling financially yet they now live in this massive house too.

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She's the Man picture

Plot hole: Viola convinces her mother she is staying at her father's house for two weeks, but who covers for Viola with school administrators? As far as we see in the movie, Viola is not reported absent from either Cornwall or Illyria (a transfer would explain not being reported absent from Cornwall). Administrators or class mates at Cornwall would find it strange that she stopped showing up, since soccer training had already started. It is unlikely Viola officially transferred to Illyria, since her parents would have to sign off on that, or at least start paying her tuition to a different school. Viola could have called in sick to either Cornwall or Illyria, but this is never addressed in the movie. And if the soccer program at either school started before the official school year, it would make no sense for them to have a biology class with students not enrolled in athletic programs at Illyria.

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