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King Kong picture

Plot hole: In the scene where Ann is laying/sleeping with Kong on the cliff, her dress should not only be beyond filthy, but it should be tattered and shredded. It doesn't so much as have a thread out of place after being carried so violently through the jungle and being caught between Kong and the dinosaur. Also, she at this point has been in Kong's possession for several hours to a day or so, and not once has she even shown any signs of hunger, thirst, or the need to relieve herself.

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Zack & Miri Make a Porno picture

Plot hole: There is a problem with the warehouse being destroyed to the total surprise of the crew. A building of that size that is bound to be destroyed has to be fenced off days before the destruction, so that no homeless people or kids can easily get on the properties. In this case, however, there was not even a warning sign.


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Jewel of the Nile picture

Plot hole: Jack says, "Our anchor was stolen and we were drifting for days." It's a sailboat, not only does it have sails but it has a motor too. They could easily maneuver the boat.

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Working Girl picture

Plot hole: We see Tess wearing Catherine's clothes when Catherine is gone, but Catherine is much slimmer than Tess. They wouldn't fit without being altered and she had no time to do so.

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A Kid in King Arthur's Court picture

Plot hole: When the main character opens up his CD player, he sends out the laser that's inside. This would not work, because all CD players turn the laser off automatically when opened.


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50 First Dates picture

Plot hole: Lucy has been painting pictures of Henry since she moved into the institute. But she passes him at the zoo and doesn't recognize him.

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Charlotte Gray picture

Plot hole: The police wanted to take Julian's father away as a Jew because they found out his grandparents (plural) were Jewish. Even assuming they were only talking about one set of grandparents, this would make the father half Jewish, and therefore in the eyes of the Nazis, a Jew. That means that Julian would then be one quarter Jewish, and also considered a Jew. But the police then go on to say that the father is one quarter Jewish, but Julian is only one eighth Jewish, and therefore not a Jew. But he'd have to have only one Jewish great-grandparent to be non-Jewish, and they already confirmed that he had at least two. The numbers don't add up.


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The Wisdom of Crocodiles picture

Plot hole: Jude kills his victims by biting their necks and drinking their blood - the wounds should be quite obvious, yet the coroners don't appear to have noticed them.

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Kettle of Fish picture

Plot hole: When Melvin receives the phone call from a lost Diana, he is staring at his goldfish, swimming peacefully in the bowl in his apartment. He unsuccessfully attempts to rescue Diana, then goes to the night club where he encounters an inebriated Ginger. He escorts her home, rebuffs her advances, and goes to his own apartment. The next morning, he goes to her job site, where, inexplicably, the goldfish has now taken up residence. Unless Ginger's flunky somehow broke into Mel's apartment and absconded with the fish, there is no way the fish could have gotten there on its own.

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Meet the Parents picture

Plot hole: The fake Jinx wouldn't be able to get into the den, the door was closed.

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The Princess Bride picture

Plot hole: In the scene where Westley is tortured to extremity, he screams, and upon hearing him scream, Inigo is instantly able to identify Westley and that he is in love with someone about to marry. You could say Fezzik told him, but how did Fezzik know? For all they knew, he was just a pirate after a prize.

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Top Gun picture

Plot hole: In the debrief in Viper's office following Maverick and Goose's first flight at Top Gun (in which they defeat Jester), Viper states that "Commander Heatherly lost sight of you and called no joy." However, during the actual flight scene, you never hear Jester call "no joy." I've always assumed that this part of the scene was accidentally left in the editing room.

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Anger Management picture

Plot hole: Just how can you get a famous author, a judge, and a flight attendant set-up Adam Sandler in such a scheme? A judge cannot use a courtroom (along with bailiffs during regular business hours) to pull off such a scam. Moreover, when he was arrested for the fight in the bar, there is no guarantee he would have been brought up before the same judge. Also when explaining to his boss about not getting a second flight in the beginning, Adam Sandler says that the plane had been turned around because of his behaviour. Show me an airline that's willing to do that for a scam. (00:23:15 - 01:30:40)

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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs picture

Plot hole: After the dinosaur kids wrecked the playground, Manny tells Sid, "Whatever they are, take them back" and someone says "What are they?" as well. Later, when Mummy Dinosaur appears, Ellie says, "I thought those guys were extinct!" and one minute later Manny says, "She's a dinosaur!" How could they possibly not see that the kids were dinosaurs if they already knew about dinosaurs in the first place?


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Suggested correction: They weren't sure about the baby dinosaurs' species because dinosaurs were thought to be extinct. The mother dinosaur eventually showing up, with her more convincing dinosaur properties of being much larger and menacing-looking, convinces them otherwise.


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Pearl Harbor picture

Plot hole: Danny receives the telegram from Rafe, telling him that he is alive, at the same time Rafe meets with Evelyn. The telegram must have been sent from Hawaii. Why didn't he just call on the phone? When Rafe reached the U.S. after leaving England why didn't he send a telegram then. In those days it took some time to travel from the Eastern U.S. all the way to Hawaii and there is no way he beat the telegram if it was sent when he returned to the U.S.

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A Night at the Opera picture

Plot hole: When the three Marx Brothers are causing mayhem at the performance of "Il Trovatore," although we see scenes from several different acts of the opera, there seems to have been no intermission (or all the trouble would have gotten sorted out then, instead of at the end). You have to be at least a little familiar with "Il Trovatore" to notice this.

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Cool as Ice picture

Plot hole: Vanilla Ice jumps over the fence causing the horse Kat is riding to buck her off to the ground. How does he make his motorcycle jump over a fence when he is riding on a road? I don't think it's possible unless there was a ramp on the side of the road, and I didn't see one.

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The Heavenly Kid picture

Plot hole: The beginning takes place in the early 1960's, Bobby being around 18 years old. Assuming its 1962 and he conceived Lenny in this year, 17 years later would be 1979-1980. This movie is suppose to take place in present day 1985. There is about a 5-6 year issue with time.


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Notorious picture

Plot hole: During the wine cellar scene, Devlin & Huberman are kissing & Sebastian catches them & confronts them. Sebastian then tells Huberman to go to her guests. There is no way that Devlin, who loves Huberman, would not automatically go to Prescott & tell him to immediately pull Huberman from the Sebastian house. Her cover is compromised & her life is in danger! Sebastian saw them both near the wine cellar & will now go to the wine cellar to get the wine (that's why he was down there). He will see that the key is missing. Sebastian is not stupid; he will do the math. If nothing else, Devlin should tell Huberman to not, under any circumstance, put the key back on Sebastian's keyring, since this will prove Huberman's guilt to Sebastian. But neither Prescott nor Devlin say a thing to Huberman (which is understandable in Prescott's case - he doesn't love her - but not Devlin). Devlin is a spy. He should have, & would have, known better.

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Havana picture

Plot hole: Roberta asks Jack to drive her car from the port to the casino to smuggle a transmitter through the checkposts. Since her links to the revolution were known to the authorities, and the chances that her car would be checked were much higher than with Jack's (which eventually also happened) it would have made much more sense if he had transported the transmitter in his own car. (00:08:00)


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