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Eagle Eye picture

Plot hole: This observation regards a computer whose memory architecture is on a physical scale (e.g., size) that allows multiple humans to enter and maneuver within it. With electronic components, scale imposes a design limitation such that the greater the distance between components, the more time is required for a signal to traverse between components. This computer's massive size would assure substantial performance limitations which are inconsistent with the plot line of the computer's overall power.

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The House On Sorority Row picture

Plot hole: It seems unlikely any mental institution would let a patient out to visit home for any length of time as happens in the movie with the killer and his mother.


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Suggested correction: Unlikely, but still possible. Almost every workplace has a situation in which a person is bending the rules.

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Vendetta picture

Plot hole: It doesn't make sense for the prosecuting attorney to agree to accept a guilty plea from Danny for assaulting an officer, possession with intent to distribute, and resisting arrest with no accompanying guilty plea for at least a lesser-included offense of murder (such as voluntary manslaughter). A violent gang member committing an initiation murder while out on parole would be dealt with much more harshly, especially when the murder victim was a high-school-aged teenager and random victim. (00:09:34)


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Vanilla Sky picture

Plot hole: The female employee says he's going to inherit everything, he gets it all. No he only gets 51%, the 7 dwarfs still make many decisions. (00:10:37)


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Appointment With Death picture

Plot hole: The movie at best is being dishonest with the ending of the chase scene; to keep Dr. King as a possible suspect, the gunshot happens so shortly after she went out of frame (with no cuts) that (since she is -NOT - the killer) there is no possible way that the gun could have ended in her hand. There's also no possible way for the culprit to escape, to find Hassan in the crowd and be there at the perfect moment, etc. (01:16:35)

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Ten Little Indians picture

Plot hole: For the first death, the culprit is nowhere near the victim or his glass - since Raven takes also a gulp early in the scene, the poison must then be in the decanter, but nobody mentions the fact, and they solely focus on the glass. (00:18:50)

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The Prowler picture

Plot hole: After the first murder in Pam's dorm room there should be blood everywhere but when Pam returns to change her dress there is only a single stripe of it on the bedsheets.

Jack Vaughan

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Ten Little Indians picture

Plot hole: The way Judge Cannon joins the ranks of the dead in this adaptation makes the most sense of all the others, since he dies in his bed fixing a variety of logic mistakes, but it suffers from a flaw found also in the 2015 BBC adaptation; Vera screams because her candles go out, which is not something the killer could have set up, as opposed to the scary items planted by the killer in the novel and in previous movies. Without it, the killer couldn't have devised the plan the way it is shown.

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Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte picture

Plot hole: In the beginning, Charlotte insists to Velma that cousin Miriam is coming, but Velma says "She's never answered any of your letters." And Drew says she's not coming. But when Miriam does come, only seconds later, Velma and Drew now act like they were expecting her. Velma says "You nearly beat your telegram. We weren't expecting you till tomorrow." It's like the film has been badly edited, with Miriam's announcement of her arrival ending up on the cutting room floor.


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The Deep picture

Plot hole: If the vacuum is strong enough to suck up a hand grenade, why isn't it sucking up the ampules?

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The Pink Panther 2 picture

Plot hole: In the first film, the shape of the ring was a little different and it was set in a ring. Also, it was given to Xania. In the second film, she was never even acknowledged as donating it to the museum.


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Sleuth picture

Plot hole: No matter how impressionable Milo can be, if Andrew shot him with a blank, the way he flies off his feet and onto the wall is unexplainable; he does not just faint, he catapults himself back, at distance, not even in a muscle spasm. (00:35:00)

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Book of Blood picture

Plot hole: Every ghost that we see in the house looks the way they did when they died, for example the girl from the film's intro is seen without skin on her face, which happened to her before she died. However, in the final scene when we see Simon's ghost joining them, he looks completely normal, when he should have had a throat slit wound and the carved markings on his skin. (01:31:20)


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Death on the Nile picture

Plot hole: This adaptation further exacerbates the problem of previous movie and TV versions; in the novel, Jackie would make the female designated witness talk over and over pretending also to get drunk after Linnet left to go to bed. In the Ustinov version it happened too, but the diversion didn't seem to last more than a couple minutes. Same in the Suchet version. Here, Simon even provokes Jackie practically the moment his wife exits the room. There's no time whatsoever for her to change and get in bed, let alone fall asleep.

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Plot hole: For the murder on the highway to happen, the killer (who is not a mastermind, but someone who has a daily job and who never killed before) had to sabotage the car of the victim in such a clever way that he'd stop at a specific point and time (so, predicting also he'd escape out of town and do it through a certain route, which he had no way to predict), and that he'd react to the mechanical problem waving at passing cars walking in the middle (literally in the middle, not the side, or the emergency lane; perfectly in the middle of it) of a highway, where he can drive his semi into him - all while the fog is incredibly thick. Needless to say, it is all a bit too convenient.

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Rear Window picture

Plot hole: The Thorwalds were supposed to be in the apartment for only six months according to the lease, their phone number wouldn't have been published in the phone book for such a short lease.


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Sneakers picture

Plot hole: After all those years the statute of limitation would have run out, so he couldn't go to prison for the crime that he committed in his college student years, so couldn't be blackmailed with that threat.

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Suggested correction: He had an arrest warrant against him and he was a fugitive. He was being sought under 18 USC 1073 (Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution). And under 18 USC 3290 "No statute of limitations shall extend to any person fleeing from justice."


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Trauma picture

Plot hole: In the scene in the hotel, David sees the victim's head on the floor after the killer left. Later when David is in a hospital bed he is watching TV and the reporter claims that all the heads were in Judd's car. The killer would have had to have gone back into the hotel room to get the head of that victim after David saw it. She would have put it in her bag right away if she was saving them all. The bag was even left behind. (01:12:30 - 01:25:00)


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And Then There Were None picture

Plot hole: Blore's death is fairly absurd, since the killer couldn't plan that he'd be standing, with all the possible room outside of the house, exactly in that spot at that distance from the window, with a ton of bricks that are precariously balanced on stone spheres that survived storms and heavy winds but somehow are loose enough to require a gentle push to fall down. (01:25:30)

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Dial M for Murder picture

Plot hole: The ending relies on Tony knowing where the key is on the stairs and Margot not knowing. Unfortunately there are any number of reasons for him knowing about a backup key that do not mean he is a murderer, and she could be smart enough to know she is certainly under police surveillance (and custody) and not touch the key on the stairs. Tony could easily make the argument that he had one made as a backup and put it there. Swann could have followed him one day and saw it and used it. His knowing the location of the key certainly does not necessarily mean he hired a hitman.

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Suggested correction: Under specific questioning both the Wendaces were clear to the Inspector that there are only two keys to the flat, hers and his, and no maid etc has a key. So, if later he then tells the police that he had made a duplicate which Swann had seen him use, he would be accused of lying to the police - and they would be very suspicious as to why would he lie about it: if he had told the truth at the start that there was a third key that would have shown how Swann got in, and got his wife Margot off the hook for letting him in. And anyway, for that to work, that would mean there should be 3 keys that fit the lock but the are only two; if the one the stairs is a duplicate 3rd, and the Inspector has Wendace's, then where is Margo's key? The key in her bag is actually Swann's key.

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